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    If You Love These 18 Surreal Places In The World, You've Got To See These 18 Places In The Philippines

    Go on. Book a ticket.

    1. If you're fascinated by the waterfalls by the hillsides of Þórsmörk, Iceland...

    ...You'll be in for a treat when you visit Sagada, Mountain Province.

    2. If the underwater waterfalls in Mauritus blows your mind...

    Then you'll definitely *dig* the Hinatuan Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur.

    Flickr: 90412460@N00 / Creative Commons

    Ehehehe. "Dig." Get it? 'Cuz it's deep? No?

    3. If this scenic bamboo forest in Arashiyama, Japan makes you feel like you're in a movie...

    Flickr: freakland / Creative Commons

    ...Then you'll enjoy a relaxing walk at this Mahogany Forest in Bohol.

    Flickr: roxj / Creative Commons

    4. If the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland remind you of Dragonstone in Game of Thrones...

    Flickr: richardb23 / Creative Commons

    ...So will the beautiful and peaceful cliffs of Batanes.

    5. If these houses in Cinque Terre, Italy are such eye-candies to you...

    Flickr: ja_boris / Creative Commons

    ...Then you'd have to feast your eyes with these colorful houses in Baguio City.

    Flickr: eherrera / Creative Commons

    And you can feast your mouth and tummy with a spoonful of their famous ube jam too.

    6. If Mount Roraima in Venezuela make you feel like you're on cloud nine...

    Flickr: pfassina / Creative Commons

    ...Then Mount Pulag in Benguet, Ifugao will make you feel like you're in heaven.

    Flickr: fs_gimenez / Creative Commons

    7. If you couldn't believe your eyes at how clear and blue the Yamdrok Lake in Tibet is...

    Flickr: joeywan / Creative Commons

    ...Then grab hold of your seat because the Mount Pinatubo crater will double that up.

    Flickr: ch4dwick / Creative Commons

    8. If it makes you wonder how these mountainous formations in Yunnan, China came about...

    ...Wait until you see the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, which turn from green to brown during the dry season.

    Flickr: junaidrao / Creative Commons

    9. If the Ao Phang-Nga National Marine Park in Thailand makes you wanna live in a tropical country...

    Flickr: comawe / Creative Commons

    ...Then these lagoons in El Nido, Palawan will be paradise for you.

    Flickr: andyenero / Creative Commons

    10. If the rocky rivers in Mount Aspiring National Park in New Zealand makes you wanna go camping...

    Flickr: aschaf / Creative Commons

    ...Then the Makiling Botanic Gardens is definitely another stunning place of a place to check out.

    Flickr: timosoriano / Flickr: roxj / Creative Commons

    11. If the Great Barrier Reef makes you feel like you're in the Finding Nemo universe...

    Flickr: beyondcoalandgas / Creative Commons

    ...Then diving at the Tubbataha Reef, located in the middle of Sulu Sea, will make your Pixar dreams come true.

    Flickr: q-phia / Creative Commons
    Flickr: q-phia / Creative Commons

    12. If going on a road trip at the Pacific Coast Highway in California hits the spot for you...

    Flickr: akashadorable / Creative Commons

    ...Then walking along the coast of Palaui Island in Camiguin is definitely something to cross off your bucket list.

    Flickr: attypowell / Creative Commons

    13. If diving into this natural lagoon in Thassos, Greece is how you'd like to spend your summer...

    Flickr: remus / Creative Commons

    ...Then Islas de Gigantes in Iloilo should be your next tropical destination.

    14. If this majestic waterfall in Phnom Koulen National Park in Cambodia makes you wanna leave your office desk and book a flight...

    Flickr: bo47 / Creative Commons

    ...Then you might as well make a stopover in Surigao del Sur to check out Tinuy-an Falls.

    Flickr: rollymagpayo / Creative Commons

    15. If bathing in the cinematic Saturnia, Tuscany is how you'd rather spend your afternoon...

    Flickr: papassina / Creative Commons

    ...Then relaxing Kaparkan Falls in Tineg, Abra while imagining that you're a princess is definitely something you shoud experience at least once in your life.

    16. If the Mongolian grasslands remind you of the Window's '98 wallpaper and how much you wanted to go inside your monitor to experience it...

    ...Then Lake Apo in Valencia, Bukidnon is gonna make you live that weird childhood dream.

    17. If you love animals and are planning to visit Tashirojima, Japan—AKA Cat Island...

    Flickr: sonotoki / Creative Commons

    ...Then the Baras Bird Sanctuary in Sultan Kudarat will satisfy the animal lover in you.

    18. And finally, if the waterlilies in Lake Nong Harn in Thailand make you feel like Rapunzel in Tangled...

    ...Then get ready because Lake Sebu in South Cotabato will not only make you feel like Rapunzel AND Moana at the same time.

    Flickr: 93788068@N02 / Creative Commons

    I mean, look at those majestic mountains!

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