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    Posted on Jun 7, 2016

    20 Artista Notebooks That'll Make You Wish You Were Still In School

    Back to school na kasi!

    1. When you're running late for school but you still cute:

    Katakot yung hagdanan kasi.

    2. When you're trying to impress your crush:

    Twitter: @MillennialOfMNL

    Pero pwede business casual rin.

    3. When your crush says he likes a girl who's one of a kind:


    4. When your crush says he wants someone who can fight for him:


    5. When you're malandi and proud:

    6. When he's a jack-of-all-trades so you gotta keep up:

    Being a photographer-chef-bear-cuddler is Clau's full-time job.

    7. When you get tired of regular school so you just drop everything and go to Hogwarts:

    Twitter: @asfgkhsamantha


    8. When prom is finally here so may chance kang lumandi:

    Serving PARIS* LOOKS.

    *Par Istern University!

    9. When you can't choose between being sweet and badass so you just decide to be both:

    10. When you're having an inner struggle whether to text him or not:

    The wedding cake in the background says it all.

    11. When you capture the perfect selfie:

    12. When it's time for peer evaluation and you did the group work all by yourself:

    13. When you're ready to go home pero naalala mong cleaner ka:

    14. 'Pag ang daming gagawin pero kinakaya mo:


    15. When you're feeling inspirational AF:

    Also can we talk about John Pratts' halo because I fuCKING CAN'T.

    16. When it's Buwan Ng Wika and they're giving bonus points to students who'll wear national costumes:

    Lahat na sinuot.

    17. When you can't decide if you wanna be a magician or a scientist so you just end up travelling the world??????? IDK.


    18. When a bae takes another bitch to the school canteen:

    Tag urself I'm the "concealed weapon."

    19. When your teacher is mad at your class pero chill ka lang:

    20. And finally, when your teachers say you won't graduate but you fucking did:

    "I made it!"

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