16 Photos Of Food That'll Make Southeast Asians Scream In Anger

    When imitation isn't a form of flattery...

    1. This "halo-halo" that's literally a mixture of anything but halo-halo ingredients.

    2. This "pho" that actually looks like a fucking salad.

    3. And these "spring rolls" that, let's be honest, look like used tampons.

    4. This "ginisang ampalaya" that doesn't look like it has ampalaya in it.

    5. This "satay" in its unnatural habitat.

    6. This nasi lemak cake that'll make any Malaysian flip.

    7. And this nasi lemak ice cream.

    8. This chicharon that'll give any Filipino a heart attack for all the wrong reasons.

    9. This citrus adobo pizza—three words that really shouldn't go together.

    10. Te way this recipe teaches us how to cook pork sinigang.

    11. This "pad thai" with zucchini noodles instead of the real (best) shit.

    12. COLLARD GREEN "PHO"!!!

    13. And this abomination of a pho.

    14. This "pancit bihon" that used flat rice noodles instead of bihon.

    15. This "kare-kare" with bok choy, apparently.

    16. And finally, for dessert, this "reconstructed" mango sticky rice, just like the ones you can get on the streets of Thailand.... NOT!