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These Well-Known People Blocked Filipinos On Social Media And, Honestly, It's Glorious AF


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1. The Philippines’ ambassador to the UN who apparently hates our native language.

2. The Philippines’ ambassador to the UN (yup, same guy) who doesn’t have anything bad to say about the holocaust.

3. The Philippines’ ambassador to the UN (yup!!! same guy!!!) who “joked” about the Maute group and the terrible things that’s been happening in Marawi.

4. The son of a former president and dictator who apparently couldn’t answer a simple question.

5. A Malacañang palace executive who probably needs to fact check before posting things on social media.

6. This celebrity who’s got something to say about Filipino’s reactions to Donald Trump winning the US elections.

7. This actor/senator who probably spends his time searching for his name on Twitter.

8. This politician who’s probably just concerned about our health, but expressed it in the most sinister way for Filipinos.

9. This actor/model who expressed how he wouldn’t date Taylor Swift because “she’s a little crazy.”

10. The Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary who seems to be allergic to, uhm, communication and discourse.

11. This senator who’s known to be an advocate for women’s rights but kept mum about her presidential candidate’s sexist quips.

12. This senator who doesn’t want anybody policing how he does his damn job.

13. This actress/mom/all-around scary tita who probably couldn’t follow her own advice.

14. This governor who’s just too tired of students asking for class suspension.

C’mon guys, give him a break.
Twitter: @mertenpener

C’mon guys, give him a break.

15. This actor who’s probably new to gay Twitter.

16. This heartthrob who unfortunately, doesn't want to be called "daddy." :(

17. This Sexbomb dancer and, tbh, goddess, who doesn’t like it when people spread fake news about her.

18. This news account who just made a damn typo, damn it.

19. And another news account who made a grave—but very common—Filipino grammar mistake.

Confusing naman talaga. :(
Twitter: @ijcasilom

Confusing naman talaga. :(

20. This donut shop who’s the best at making chocobutternut goodies, but probably needs more work on checking what they post on social media.

21. These guys who won’t always be your baby, sorry.

22. This international actor who probably needs to learn how to properly accept criticism.

23. And finally, this noontime show who just wants to keep things secret.

Twitter: @offofunofficial


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