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    Posted on Apr 26, 2017

    19 Things You Can't Get Away With When You're The Strongest Drinker Sa Barkada

    "Tara, inom."

    1. You can't evade an invitation to have a drink.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    2. You're almost always the last one who's not completely wasted.

    3. So you're always left alone at the table because your friends who said they "wanted a drink" said they can't have a sip anymore.

    Star Cinema

    4. And you're often tasked to take care of their drunk asses because you're the only one who can still walk in a straight line.

    5. Your tolerance for alcohol is so high that by the time you're actually feeling a buzz, all your drinking buddies are already hammered and asleep.

    6. But that also means you get all the drinks for yourself.

    7. Your friends laugh at you when you say you're not drinking anymore.

    DZMM Teleradyo / BuzzFeed

    8. And they lose their minds when you actually pass up on a drink for once.

    9. Petty drinks don't impress you anymore.

    Mom: LETS DRINK VODKA *brings out tanduay ice* Me: ........... u ok

    "Tanduay ice??? LOL are you 12?"

    10. Because it takes A LOT to get you to actually feel something.

    11. And that means you get the worst hangover the next morning.


    12. And a terrible post-drinking diarrhea.

    Universal Pictures

    13. Your friends always tease you as the one with a drinking problem, and honestly, you're getting tired of it.

    Star Cinema / BuzzFeed

    14. But when it's your mom who finally notices your drinking habits, you know you're fucked.

    Star Cinema

    15. When your friends order a drink for you even though you didn't say anything:

    16. And it's only because they know you so well. They don't even have a hard time thinking about what to get you for Christmas.

    17. You promise yourself you're never gonna drink anymore time and time again.

    18. Only to break that promise EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

    19. Because you know deep inside that you can never say no to your friends no matter how many times they leave you hanging during inuman.

    bakit pa tayo iinom kung sasakit lang din ulo natin bukas tapos sayang pa pera e wala namang magandang nadudulot yan what time saan ba g ako

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