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44 Soul-Crushing Problems All Filipino Students Have Gone Through

Nothing like nabagsak na G-Tec pen to ruin your day.

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1. Waiting for authorities to cancel classes when there’s a storm.

2. Braving the storm to go to school because nobody announced anything.

3. Hearing from your teachers that classes, indeed, are cancelled and you can now go home.

4. Tapos sa sobrang tagal ng sundo mo, naiwan ka na mag-isa ng friends mo.

5. Or if you’re old enough to go home on your own, you’d have to make lusong in the baha making your Gibi shoes sira.

6. When there’s five of you in the barkada and your teachers asks you to get a ¼ sheet of paper but you only have one whole sheet.

7. Or when you’re the only one who has a pad paper in class.

8. And you try not to make enemies so you just watch the goods disappear in front of your eyes.

9. Having the whole class find out that you have Nerds candy in your pocket.

10. ‘Yung natae ka tapos may biglang sisigaw ng “ANG BAHOOOO!”

11. So ayaw mo umamin and hoping ka that it will die out pero may magsasabi ng “SIGE TAYO TAYONG LAHAT!”

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12. Having to pee badly but somebody else is using the class pass.

13. Finally getting your hands on the class pass but realizing it’s wet and you don’t know if it’s pee or water.

14. Asking your teacher if you can go out tapos pilosopo teacher mo so sabi n’ya, “Yes you can, but you may not.” PUTA.

15. Accidentally passing through the Teacher’s Door and hoping nobody saw.

16. Going to a computer shop near your school to play online games and hoping your teachers won’t find you there.

17. Getting scolded by your nanay kasi and dumi ng uniform mo kakalaro after school.

18. Hindi sakto sa’yo lagi ‘yung uniform mo kasi minana mo lang ‘yun sa pinsan/kapatid mo.

19. When your classmates are going on a McDo run after school and you can’t go because cleaner ka for the day.

20. ‘Yung nakalumitan mong cleaner ka pala so nasa Escaped list ka the next morning. D’yahe.

21. Losing your Bench and Bath towel.

22. Or your Hair Doctor comb.

23. Dropping your newly-bought G-Tec pen.

24. ‘Pag tumatalon ‘yung pina-burn mong CD so sayang ‘yung 50 pesos mo.

25. ‘Yung ayaw mong maging class President tapos may gagong nag-nominate sa’yo.

26. Being the class Vice President tapos umiyak class President n’yo so sisigaw ka ng “RESPETO NAMAN GUYS!!!!”

27. Being in high school and having classes suspended only for grade schoolers.

28. Or worse, being in college and having the authorities think you’re the offspring of Aquaman and Dyesebel.

29. Graduating from high school and realizing you’re gonna miss your barkada so damn much.

30. And some things will never be the same again.

31. Pulling an all-nighter during hell weeks.

32. And having to wake up for a 7AM class.

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33. Drinking too much Kopiko78 that it practically has no effect on you now.

34. Forgetting you have an exam for that day and literally just accepting your fate as a failure.

35. ‘Pag walang tubig sa dorm so no choice ka kundi pumasok na walang ligo.

36. Exclusively living on instant pancit canton because ‘yun lang ang afford mo.

37. ‘Yung five minutes na lang free-cut na tapos bigla pang dumating ‘yung prof. Hassle.

38. Getting homesick while being away from your family during college.

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39. Having pieces of shit as your group mates for the entire semester.

40. Going to family reunions and having a platoon of titas question you about your course.

41. And what job you’re gonna get when you graduate.

42. And WHEN you’re gonna graduate.

43. AND hearing their stories about their kumares’ sons and daughters and how they’re studying to be doctors and how you should just shift into that course too kasi “in demand sa ibang bansa ‘yun!”

44. Not being able to wait until you finish school only to realize that the “real world” isn’t actually any better.

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