22 Questions Every University Of The Philippines Student Asks


1. CRS/Systemone, Y U DO DIS?

Jaztine Calderon / Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

2. Why are there no more slots for that one subject I am IN DIRE NEED OF TAKING THIS SEMESTER?

Star Cinema

3. Ilang units ka?

4. What is this ‘sleep’ you speak of? Nakakain ba ‘yun?

5. How’s [insert name of professor here]?

6. If I pray to a supreme being, will it lessen the chance of me having to do prerog?

Ang pinakahinihintay ng lahat: Teacher's prerogative! #ISKOproblems

— Aki Fujikawa (@amyfjkw)

7. Pila na naman?!

8. No such thing as too much isaw, right?

Team no ligo earlier at Mang Larry's, UP Diliman! 🐷

— Lance Advincula (@lanceromae)

9. And cup noodles for dinner… why am I not surprised?


10. Will anybody notice if I don’t take a bath today?

Start na ng classes. Next year na ulit maliligo =) #IskoProblems @OverheardAtUP

— Mitzi Lou Ancog (@Tribal_Addict)

11. Why the HELL do I have to wear shoes? Puwede bang tsinelas na lang?

12. *witnesses the oblation run* I think I know him. Do you know him?

Did you know? University of the Philippines fraternity members run naked once a year http://t.co/zRaBa73AH2

— Rappler Indonesia (@RapplerID)

13. Any chance the Fighting Maroons will win the game today? LOL who am I kidding?

No. :(

— Did UP win today? (@didUPwintoday)

14. Could anybody help me with this subject? Please, anyone?

#ahahahahaha! math 11 pa lang yan. paano pa kaya kung math 17 o math 54? lol #narinigkosaUP #overheardatUP ☺

— Bee Yen (@kamoterunner)

15. Should I write my paper and review for my three exams or literally just die a peaceful death?

My bed's view! #acadspamore #RubyPH prolongs UPLB Hellweek 😖

— Hazel Naomi ❤ (@heycheeel)

16. Isn’t this supposed to be group work? Bakit ako lang gumagawa?


17. The final grades are out! Am I emotionally ready for this?

Grabe talaga si doc r "@isabestial: It's more fun in #uplb #finalgrade 😭 "

— John Miro Urminita (@jomithree)

18. Ugh, why did I ever study in UP?

Star Cinema / Via umaasaparin.tumblr.com

19. Don’t I deserve at least a passing grade?

Sa lahat ng #UPLB students, good luck ngayong #FinalsWeek. May the TRES be ever in your favor #Day1 #KapitLang #60Pls

— Louis Karl Eusebio (@louiethird)

20. How many years am I supposed to be in college again?


— Stee Said So (@steelawake)

21. I was the smartest student back in high school, what the hell happened?

Valedictorian ka nga, ulit ka naman ng Math53. Wala din! Wahahaha. @mangiegigil @arkitek_lea #IskoProblems

— leni. (@_leneyy)

22. When will I be able to wear that Sablay?

It’s all worth it, ‘di ba? ‘DI BA???

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