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    20 Types Of Jeepney Drivers We Have All Encountered In The Philippines

    "Kasya pa, sampuan 'yan!"

    1. The no-fucks-given dude:

    2. The party animal:

    3. The duality-of-man man:

    4. The stopover stud:

    5. The pathological liar:

    6. The opportunist:

    7. The speed sicko:

    8. The impatient one:

    9. The break beast:

    10. The guy with a lot of issues:

    11. The political critic:

    12. Mr. Congeniality:

    13. The pumasada-ka-pa kuya:

    14. Si kuyang nag-iwan sa ere.

    15. The Pervy McPervertson:

    16. The driver who loves dancing with death:

    17. The casual thief:

    18. The fictional storyteller:

    19. The rogue one:

    20. And finally, the suplado type: