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This Couple's Geeky Wedding Will Inspire You To Get Married

One wedding to rule them all.

Meet Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona.

Saab confessed on her blog that they're both geeks at heart, so they incorporated elements of their fandom love into their wedding.

Their save-the-date was inspired by comic book characters.

And their wedding invitation was also superhero-themed, of course.

The boutonnieres were made from comic book pages — handcrafted by the bride herself!

The couple had books serve as backdrop for the reception.

And as centerpieces for the guests' tables.

They also had borrower's cards for their friends and family to sign.

And they had their groomsmen welcome them at the reception with a lightsaber salute.

"I didn’t think other people would become so emotional about our wedding video and photos," Saab mentioned on her blog. "Apparently, our love has saved the world!"

Check out this video — filled with fandom easter eggs — of their special day to hear their wedding vows:

Courtesy of Saab Magalona /