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    21 Photos Only People Deeply Obsessed With Filipino Street Food Will Get

    Give me all the balls.

    1. You haven't had Pinoy street food for so long that finally tasting it again feels like a reunion with an ex-lover.

    2. You get your early morning exercise by chasing manong taho.


    3. It's your lucky day when you're walking down a street and you spot an isaw stand.


    4. And it's your not-so-lucky day when your favorite isaw stand leaves you in the cold.

    5. When you're looking at food porn, you just can't help yourself.

    Getty Images

    6. You stand up against people who say street food is "dirty and kadiri."

    Rappler / Via

    Shut up ka na lang.

    7. This is you when people say eating too much street food is bad for your health.

    Twitter: @iSaw_Records_

    What is *too much* street food, even?

    8. Your love for street food tests the limits of your self-control.

    9. You love street food so much that you start seeing it everywhere.

    10. And I mean EVERY 👏🏽 WHERE 👏🏽.

    11. Even street food becomes your ulam and you pair it with rice.

    Twitter: @mmigsss

    Because why not?????

    12. You know where to get the best of the best.

    Twitter: @redginger143

    Five-star resto of isaw, tbh.

    13. You know the best way to eat dirty ice cream is without cones.

    Twitter: @SarapPHinas

    Best ice cream sandwich ever!

    14. You find this post ridiculous, but also kind of relatable.

    Twitter: @Lcey_Cesario


    15. Your love for street food has drastically affected your flirting game.

    Twitter: @shamaeregina

    We're hot every year, tbh.

    16. When your crush says they like people who love street food:

    17. You have battle scars from making tusok-tusok the fishball straight from the piping hot pan.

    Twitter: @jophie0511

    Pero sige ka pa rin.

    18. And your hair perpetually smells like smoke and isaw but that ain't stopping you.

    Rejoice / Via

    Oh, the things you do for love.

    19. Because for you, Filipino street food isn't only *food*.

    Eat Bulaga / Via Twitter: @pantophobdamsel

    20. It's a lifestyle.

    Twitter: @PambansangTweet

    No matter what Duterte says.

    21. And you're totally down for it. Anytime. Anywhere.

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