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21 Things That'll Make Reformed Catholic School Kids Say, "Amen To That"

One day, you realize you haven't even heard Mass in a year!

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1. Anybody who studied in a Catholic school knows they're wired differently.

2. When you were a kid, the teachers, nuns, and priests made you memorize all prayers known to mankind.

3. Every first Friday of the month, you'd wear your gala uniform and attend Mass because that's the only way first Fridays should be spent.

4. You grew up in an academic environment full of rules. And who are you to complain?

5. All your life, you've greeted respectable people the proper way.

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6. You were basically molded to become a hardcore Catholic, as you should.

7. But then, after years of being taught by priests and nuns, you finally experienced the "real world."

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8. Being free meant that you could do whatever you want.


9. Which was kinda weird at first because you could still feel the teachers watching you.

10. Like that time you first uttered an expletive a little too loudly.

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11. Until one day, you realized you hadn't even heard Mass in a year!

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12. And when you actually do go to Mass, you've found yourself disagreeing with the priest.

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13. You start — GOD FORBID — seeing loopholes in the Bible.


14. Your former classmates start judging you for how much you've changed, but you couldn't be any less hurt.

15. And when you meet your former teachers, you have no choice but to act like a good Catholic once again.

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16. But for the most part, people now know you're not about that life anymore that they're actually doubtful when you ~relapse~.

17. You've done so many forbidden things, you fear you're going to hell.

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18. But overall, you're just proud of your transformation and growth as a person.

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19. And you actually like that your worldview is much wider and that you're more open to other people's beliefs now.


20. You know that just because you're more crass and scrappier now, that doesn't mean you're a bad person.

21. And you see to it that you constantly ask for forgiveness anyway.

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