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17 Skills Filipinos Who Are Laking Kalye Have Definitely Mastered

Laking kalye and proud!

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1. Evading possible danger thanks to years of playing patintero. / BuzzFeed

2. And being very good at avoiding responsibilities by pretending to be asleep kasi ganun ka lagi noon tuwing tanghali.

3. Having outstanding aim you can chalk up to afternoons playing piko and tumbang preso.

ABS CBN / BuzzFeed

4. In fact, sa dami ng nalaro mong larong kalye, uno lahat ng PE classes mo nung college.


5. Developing a strong immune system because you never wore tsinelas as a child.

6. And all you had for merienda was food that you weren't 100% sure was clean.

7. Manhid ka na sa insults because you've been through worse.

You had taff skin kasi.
Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

You had taff skin kasi.

8. And physical pain is nothing to you by now because you were trained when your nanay hit you kasi lagi kang nasa labas ng bahay.

9. Add that to the fact that you've been slapped a hundred times by the garter while playing Chinese garter.

10. Being resourceful thanks to having a gumamela plant and no money to buy a proper bubble toy.

11. Having an insane amount of patience from waiting for your turn to play the brick game kasi isa lang kaya bilhin nila nanay.

12. Being closer to nature than any of the younger generation probably will be because you LITERALLY played with dragonflies as a child like it was no big deal.

13. And you know which types of spiders are savages and which ones are tame because they were basically your form of entertainment back in the day.

14. You're very talented thanks to hoola hoop showdowns with your friends.

Tape, Inc.

15. Sanay na sanay ka sa initan kasi laro ka nang laro sa katirikan ng araw.

Tape, Inc. / BuzzFeed

16. And you've become very good at telling time by looking at the position of the sun because that's how you know when to come home to watch afternoon anime.

Toei Animation

17. And finally, you're not very hard to please kasi lata or tansan lang masaya ka na.

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