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    22 Things You Know If You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Summer In The Philippines

    BRB taking a bath so I can sweat through it 5 minutes after stepping out of the shower.

    1. Summer's here! You know what that means! It means you get to pretend to love the sun even though it feels like summer 365 days of the year!

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    2. You can finally have those tan lines you've been wanting since tube tops became fashionable.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    3. But sadly, you can't have everything.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    Choose wisely.

    4. And sometimes, your worst enemy can be yourself.

    Ponds / BuzzFeed

    5. Well, at least school's out.

    6. But that also means you don't get to see your crush.

    Star Cinema

    7. And of course, walang baon.

    8. But not if you're not a student anymore! In which case, you don't get a summer vacation.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    9. Taking a bath can be equivalent to having an orgasm.

    10. But it can all be wasted effort.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    11. Summer means you can appreciate the air con even more.

    Twitter: @MAINEfinity_BUL

    Just make sure the door's closed para hindi lumabas ang aircon.

    12. But not as much as Meralco appreciates it.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    13. No better time to plan on catch up with friends than during summer!

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    14. And don't worry, because sometimes, summer outings with friends actually materialize.

    KBS 2 / BuzzFeed

    15. If only you'd look past the overcrowded resorts.

    Twitter: @genem87 / BuzzFeed

    16. Going out can be such a hassle.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    17. But just remember: payong is your best friend. / BuzzFeed

    🎶Sana'y nakinig na lang ako sa nanay ko🎶

    18. And air conditioned shopping malls, too!

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    19. But if you'd like to stay in, that's fine, because you can always get secondhand experience on the weather anyway.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    20. You can finally catch up on your favorite Korean shows.

    Facebook: SuperElmerDS

    Tag your friend na kinain na ng sistema.

    21. Which only give you unrealistic standards but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    22. But hey, summer can be fun! Especially if you spice it up with a nice drinking game.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

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