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    Posted on Jun 8, 2016

    Here's Why Filipino Kids Loved Rainy Season

    Nakaligo ka na ba sa alulod na puro basura?

    1. Waited patiently for classes to be suspended.

    2. Got pissed when they announced suspension of classes and you were already at school.


    Walang gaguhan dito ah.

    3. But also felt #SuperBlessed because WALANG PASOK MGA BEH.

    4. And that just meant you got to squeeze in more hours of sleep.

    Twitter: @JoanneQuiozon

    Minsan pa, ulan, bumuhos ka't wag nang tumigil paaaaaa.

    5. And watch all the morning anime shows you've were missing while you were, I don't know, getting some VALUABLE EDUCATION IN SCHOOL?

    Toei Animation / Nippon Animation / Studio Pierrot

    This was our true education, tbh.

    6. Took a shower in the rain and didn't care about getting pneumonia.

    7. And when you saw an alulod, you pretended it was a waterfall.

    Twitter: @Lhalita1258

    A waterfall of rat piss and bacteria but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    8. Made paper boats and watched them race in the flowing kanal.

    9. And when all of these weren't enough, you said fuck it and swam in the flood.

    Twitter: @JohnsonDZMM


    10. Your parents scolded you but nobody could stop a dugyot kid in the rain.


    11. Ate sopas and it felt like getting the warmest of hugs.

    12. Or champorado and tuyo because heaven is for real.

    13. Speaking of heaven, you thought the rain was caused by Jesus's tears.

    Twitter: @jerikazamora_

    Shut up, science.

    14. And when it was simultaneously sunny and rainy, there was a supernatural wedding happening somewhere.

    Twitter: @richmondruiz

    Best wishes po.

    15. When power went out, you tried to scare your playmates with a flashlight under your chin.

    16. And made shadows of animals in the candlelight.

    Twitter: @jabmarohom

    Pero aso lang yung alam mong gawin.

    17. And of course, played with fire.

    Twitter: @leojerezcamacho /

    Like, literally. Wag kang ano d'yan.

    Rainy days are upon us! ☔️💖☔️💖☔️

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