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    Posted on Apr 25, 2017

    15 Creepy Things That Freaked Filipino Kids Out Back In The Day

    Maybe even until now.

    1. Undin from Shake, Rattle, and Roll III.

    Regal Films

    Undin is basically a slimy, frog-like monster/creature who plotted revenge on vacationers who took her eggs at the beach. She followed them back to the city through the sewers, climbing out of toilet bowls to kill those who kidnapped her precious babies. It was so scary that people who saw that movie may or may not have skipped their trips to the toilet for days. If you really think about it though, Undin was only doing what a loving mother would do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Halimaw sa banga from Halimaw.

    NCV Productions

    The story goes like this: An ancient witch gets trapped and killed in an antique jar. The witch turned into a monster after her death and, now, she kills anyone who looks into the jar. It's the reason why I don't look inside antique jars to this day.

    3. Lilia Cuntapay from Shake, Rattle, and Roll III (and literally anytime she plays as a white lady).

    Regal Films

    When you say "white lady," 90's kids would only think of one person: Lilia Cuntapay (may she rest in peace). She was the biggest ~KWEEN~ of white lady roles that, even though she's not playing one anymore, people still get a little creeped out.

    4. The police, when you don't want to sleep in the afternoon.

    Anvil Publishing / Inquirer

    Our parents told us that if we didn't sleep (especially in the afternoon), the police would come and get us because, apparently, it's a legal offense. And WE BELIEVED THAT SHIT. Who knows, maybe this is why we still feel anxious around police officers even though we're not guilty of anything. *cough*

    5. Or literally any random manong your nanay uses to scare you when you're wreaking havoc.

    Twitter: @DanielPasion_21

    Next to "Ayan, ayan, kaka-computer mo!" another thing our nanays would say was, "SIGE KA, KUKUNIN KA NUNG MAMA!" And again, WE BELIEVED THAT SHIT! So on behalf of everyone who indeed believed that shit, I apologize to all the innocent manongs we suspected for kidnapping back in the day. You didn't deserve that.

    6. The rumor about using children's blood to strengthen the foundation of bridges. / BuzzFeed

    Allegedly, this is what happens when the random manong successfully kidnaps you: They slit your throat, gather your insides and pour them on still-being-constructed bridges so it "stays strong." So.... yeaaahhhh.....

    7. The rumor about using cat's meat for siopao. /

    This is more disgusting than creepy, but hair-raising nonetheless. Some people say it's true, while some people say it's a myth started by somebody who tried to bring down Ma Mon Luk (the restaurant who is said to have introduced siopao to the Philippines).

    8. And the rumor about an AIDS patient injecting his blood to moviegoers in SM Megamall.

    Twitter: @GraciiieeYoon / BuzzFeed

    Word says this is how it happens: Lights go down in the movie house. You're enjoying the movie. Then, you feel a needle poking you, followed by a laugh of a man in a hoodie. There's no record of this ever happening though, but it certainly drove away potential customers from SM cinemas at the time.

    9. The snakeman in Robinsons Galleria.

    Reputedly, the Gokongwei family has a mutant member named Robinson who's half man, half snake. The family then built Galleria for Robinson to live in and wander around. People say he waits in the female fitting room to violate those who use it. There was also a rumor about how the snakeman was attracted to actress Alice Dixon. This is probably the craziest out of this list, but hey, people believed it back then.

    10. The phrase "mahihipan ka ng hangin."

    Twitter: @mainedcm

    You know how it goes. You make an ugly face then your mom says, "Sige, mahipan ka ng hangin, 'di na babalik 'yan." And even though you know that's not possible, you quickly go back to your normal face because what if it is??

    11. When your nanay said a priest/train will come out of your wound if you scratch it.

    Twitter: @kwinyasmine

    Kids get wounds all the time, and back then, there was nothing more satisfying than peeling off your scabs. So to prevent infections and scarring, our parents tried to be LOGICAL for once and told us a priest, or a train (OF ALL THINGS), would come out of the wound if we kept picking at the scabs. It was effective because who wants a priest coming out of their body????

    12. And the lie your nanay told you about how plants will grow in your body if you swallowed the seed.

    Studio Pierrot

    You know the drill: you're eating watermelon and instead of spitting out the seeds, you decide to swallow it instead (that's what she said, hehehe) because honestly, who has the time?? I actually waited for stems and leaves to come out of my ears so I would never have to buy watermelon ever again, but no luck.

    Photo is from a scene from Ghost Fighter (Yu Yu Hakusho) where Dennis planted a tree to defeat Elder Toguro, putting him in eternal misery. *shivers*

    13. Kulto.

    Reports of being kidnapped/killed by members of kulto still exist, but it proliferated more back then. They say you get captured, beheaded, and offered to their god. This certainly kept me inside the house as a kid.

    14. Nuno sa punso.

    Either you believe it or you don't, but no matter where you stand, don't deny that you still turn extra carefully when walking in a secluded area with lots of trees and anthills like the one pictured above. You wouldn't wanna be haunted by the nuno and lose a part of your body, would you?

    15. And finally, the Balete tree.

    Twitter: @rgnlopez

    Just look at it. That's not your average looking tree. It looks like it has stories to tell, and boy, does it. It's either a home of a kapre, white lady, duwende, what-have-you, all I know is that I wouldn't want to plant that tree in my future house, thank you.

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