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21 Tell-Tale Signs Na Kinain Ka Na Talaga Ng Korean Drama


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1. You know you should be sleeping at 3 AM, but you just 👏 have 👏 to 👏 know 👏 what happens in the next episode.

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2. Your parents have noticed this habit and are not happy about it.


3. You're almost positive you're already fluent in Korean language.

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4. And you listen to the shows' OST even though you have no idea what half of the lyrics mean.

5. You get so disappointed when local networks dub your favorite show in Tagalog and it just doesn't satisfy your exquisite Korean drama taste.


6. You get irrationally mad when bashers hate on your oppa.


7. You basically don't know what to do with your life when the latest episode of your favorite drama hasn't been released yet.


8. Life becomes meaningless after you finish watching a really good show.

You don't want it to end, but also, you can't wait to know what happens.

You don't want it to end, but also, you can't wait to know what happens.

9. There are days when you get to start and finish an entire show in less than 24 hours and you wonder what the hell you're doing with your life.


Honestly, it's a skill you should be putting in your CV.

10. People have recommended you their favorite Korean dramas, but most of the time, you've already seen them.

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11. Your standards on love have become way higher since you've started with this madness.

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12. Like, when you blow a candle and a handsome goblin doesn't appear in front of you, you get upset.


13. You love it so much that South Korea has become one of your dream destinations.

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14. But while that remains to be seen, you just try your best and bring Korea to your dining table.

15. And on your head.

16. Certain words have a different meaning to you now.

17. And the things that used to scare you before make your heart beat a little bit faster now, for all the good reasons.

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18. You pierce through your Zest-O and you get amused instead of mad because it reminds you of your favorite K-Drama.

19. You've spent your entire vacation watching all the dramas you can find.

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20. But it doesn't really matter because, by this point, you'd rather stay home and chill with your oppa than go out with friends.

21. Because this is your life now. And there's no turning back.