22 Painful, Horrible, Terrible Things Most Filipino Make-Up Addicts Have Experienced

    "Oiliness is next to joblessness." (Aquino, 2017)

    1. Every time you want to get your hands on popular make-up brands, they're not locally available.

    2. So you have to go online just to buy them, and we all know there's no escaping that rabbit hole.

    3. You never knew how hard it would be to figure out the right shade for you through the computer screen.

    4. Or worse, sometimes there's no shade for you because the brand you want doesn't cater to Pinay skin.

    5. Good make-up isn't cheap, but shipping fees cost an arm and a leg.

    6. And when you successfully purchase your loot after all the stress, you still have to wait a million years to have them at your doorstep.

    7. And even then, you never know if the products you bought will be delivered in good condition.

    8. You know the struggle of patiently waiting for payday so you can finally hit that checkout button on your shopping cart.

    9. When the lady at the counter says it's already their darkest shade but it's still too light on you.

    10. When other people try to police your make up habits.

    11. Like when you wear dark lipstick to be edgy, only to have people asking you if you've had adobong pusit for lunch.

    12. Or when people judge you for hoarding and spending too much money on make up.

    13. When you're trying to watch a make up tutorial and all you get are moving pixels because ang bagal ng net n'yo.

    14. When you realize you have way too much make up in your stash and now you have to clean it because lagot ka sa nanay mo.

    15. When news broke that the government is gonna put an additional 10% tax on beauty products and you thought about how unfair this world is.

    16. That horrible moment when you realize the foundation you've spent lots of money on isn't Philippine-weather-friendly.

    17. You've spent hours making sure your make-up is on fleek only to have it ruined by the heat five minutes after leaving the house.

    18. You've used about a thousand blotting sheets to make sure the oil doesn't mess up your masterpiece further.

    19. When your pawis fucks up the most important thing in your life: your kilay.

    20. And when you get way too sweaty but you forget you have make up on so you vigorously wipe your face.

    21. Seeing your base cake up before your eyes because of the humidity and knowing that there's nothing you can do about it.

    22. And finally, realizing all the factors that could ruin your make-up but still doing it anyway because, gurlll, #MAKEUPISLIFE.