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    Posted on Jun 20, 2017

    17 Types Of People Who Make Filipino Millennials Say "Tangina Naman, Eh"

    "Mga kabataan talaga ngayon..."

    1. That younger millennial who has more money and is more successful than you are.

    Star Cinema

    2. The 40-something who asks why you don't have any savings.

    Star Cinema

    3. That parent who constantly hints at wanting a grandchild.

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    4. Parents whose favorite line is "nung pahanon namin, dos lang baon ko," whenever you ask for some money for school.

    Quantum Films

    5. Old people who say people from our generation whine about everything.

    Kris TV

    6. The same old people who get into arguments with Jollibee crew because they mistakenly ordered something they didn't want pala.

    7. People who ask when you plan on getting married.

    Twitter: @gundamframe

    Wala nga akong pambili ng lunch, pampakasal pa.

    8. Apologists who think "Bakit, buhay ka na ba nung panahon ni Marcos? Wala kang karapatan magreklamo!" is a valid rebuttal.

    9. That baby boomer who calls you out for being on the computer all the time, but is already on level 1546 on Candy Crush.

    10. The relative who asks what job you're bound to get with the course you're currently taking.

    11. That annoying tito who spews political bullshit at the dining table during family reunions.

    12. Anybody who says "humanap ka na lang kasi ng mas magandang trabaho."

    Star Cinema

    13. People who give you impossible pieces of advice.

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    14. That friend who says they can't pay you their debt but constantly posts photos of their travels.

    ABS CBN / BuzzFeed

    15. That salesperson who thinks you own more than what you actually do.

    Kris TV / BuzzFeed

    16. That shady "friend" who "just wants you to earn money like they do."

    GMA / BuzzFeed

    17. And finally, baby boomers who think our life is such a breeze.

    TVN / BuzzFeed

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