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15 Offensive Things For People Who Are Addicted To Potato Corner

Obosen ang fries.

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1. When you're craving and you ask the guard at the mall where the Potato Corner is and they say "wala po ma'am."


2. Or when you crave it at the most ungodly hour.

3. So you check Twitter instead only to see this kind of insensitivity.


4. When people say so-and-so is better than Potato Corner.

5. When people say Potato Corner is so bad for you.

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6. Or when they say they just don't like Potato Corner in general.


7. The fact that Potato Corner delivery still isn't widely available.


8. When your favorite flavor is already sold out.

20th Century Fox

9. When your friend says she doesn't want one, but goes ahead and munches on yours anyway.

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

10. When people claim they sell Potato Corner flavor powder but they don't taste the same.


11. When the inevitable happens.


12. When somebody buys a tera bucket of fries and never finishes it.

Star Cinema / BuzzFeed

13. When people stare at you for bringing a bucket of Potato Corner instead of popcorn inside the movie house.

14. When somebody underestimates you.

15. And finally, when somebody does the unspeakable.

Yes, there are such monsters.
Twitter: @CharisseDyan

Yes, there are such monsters.

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