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    19 Pictures That Show How Different Rural And Urban Lives In The Philippines Are

    Home-cooked meals are nice, but have you tried lechon bread?

    1. Mornings in the province:

    Taho and chill, ganoin.

    Mornings in Manila:

    Facebook: manilabulletin


    2. Meal times in the province:

    Twitter: @viraacostaa

    Unli rice, unli ulam, unli everything!

    Meal times in Manila:

    Twitter: @raphael_eugenio

    #KapitLang hanggang sa pay day.

    3. Craving lechon in the province:

    Twitter: @hansmaquilan

    Farm-to-table, charot.

    Craving lechon in Manila:

    Twitter: @ohohdens

    Pig-shaped bread? OK???

    4. Late afternoon strolls in the province:

    Twitter: @sybenriquez

    Cardio, kalma lang.

    Late afternoon strolls in Manila:

    🎶Making my way downtown, sending criminals to jail🎶

    5. Commuting in the province:

    Pak, ganern!

    Commuting in Manila:

    Fuck, ganern!

    6. Swimming in the province:

    Twitter: @resnulliusssss

    ~~Floating away from responsibilities~~

    Swimming in Manila:

    Twitter: @jv_arcena

    Kinda defeats the purpose, but OK???

    7. Skies in the province:

    Twitter: @abbyabragan

    *deep breath* Hmmm, so clear... So blue...

    Skies in Manila:

    Twitter: @australiawow

    *deep breath* *coughs* *coughs*

    8. Taking a nap in the province:

    Twitter: @iArrowApp

    Duyan? More like, duyaaaassss.

    Taking a nap in Manila:

    Twitter: @djbiancafrost

    Looks... comfy?

    9. Alarm clocks in the province:

    Twitter: @danitating27

    ~Au naturel~

    Alarm clock in Manila:

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    Iyak na lang, teh.

    10. Trees in the province:

    The kind of shade I want. <3

    Trees in Manila:

    Twitter: @iamPxMx

    RIP, nature.

    11. Roads in the province:

    Easy like Sunday morning.

    Roads in Manila:

    Twitter: @25_dette

    Traffic kahit Sunday morning. 😖😖😖

    12. Cause of heavy traffic in the province:

    Why'd the cow cross the road? Wala kayong pake at walang makakapigil sa kanila.

    Cause of heavy traffic in Manila:

    13. Summers in the province:

    One word: BAKASYON.

    Summers in Manila:

    Twitter: @pinayblujay

    Yoko na, lusaw na ko.

    14. Mountains in the province:

    Flickr: evelynrssg / Creative Commons

    Majestic, beautiful, amazing.

    Mountains in Manila:

    Twitter: @dwiz882

    Trashy, trashy, trashy.

    15. Bodies of water in the Province

    Flickr: rawen / Creative Commons


    Bodies of water in Manila:

    Twitter: @Dennis_Datu


    16. Flies in the province:


    Flies in Manila:

    Twitter: @search

    Dragon fly. Dragon sa laki.

    17. Farming in the province:

    #LiveAuthentic, 'di ba??

    Farming in Manila:

    Twitter: @rshfrrr

    Hashtag on point, 'teh.

    18. When it rains in the province:

    Flickr: bryanhitstheroad / Creative Commons

    🎶Buhos na ulan aking mundo'y lunuring tuluyan🎶

    When it rains in Manila:

    Twitter: @TVPatrol

    Ulan, pls stop.

    19. And finally, boodle fights in the province:

    Twitter: @missjoannedg

    Just bury me in this banana leaves perfection.

    Boodle fights in Manila:

    Uh, no. *cringe*

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