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54 Things That Would've Happened If "Friends" Was Set In The Philippines

Central Perk would be called Luneta Perk.

1. It would be called Barkada.

2. And they'd live in a small studio apartment at best.

3. Central Perk would be called Luneta Perk.

4. Rachel would work at SM Department Store.

5. And Ross would work at National Museum.

6. Joey would star on a teleserye with a song title as its title.

7. And his catchphrase would be "Kumusta, beh? Kumain ka na?"

8. Phoebe's life story would be featured on Maalaala Mo Kaya.

9. And she'd wear sunglasses while singing in the street.

10. And she'd have a song about a smelly askal/aspin.

11. Susan and Carol wouldn't be able to get married because same-sex marriage is not legal in the Philippines.

12. And all of Ross' divorce would be too complicated to deal with.

13. The episode "The One in Vegas" would happen at Resorts World.

14. And Ross and Rachel would never have drunkenly married because you literally just can't do that in this country.

15. The Barbados trip would have been set in Boracay.

16. Joey and Chandler would leave Ben in a city bus and would probably never see him again.

17. And they wouldn't have to fight over being Ben's godfather because all six of them would be his godparents.

18. The gang would always arrive late even though they live only two minutes away from each other because of the traffic.

19. And Ross wouldn't be able to sleep on the train because it would be too crowded.

20. Marcel would be a tarsier.

21. And Joey and Chandler's chick would be brightly colored. Like a really bright blue.

22. The duck would lay an egg and they'd all eat it as balut. Phoebe would be furious.

23. Chandler would make too many jokes about the ~birdies~.

24. And too many Freddie Aguilar references about Richard and Monica's relationship.

25. Instead of jam, Monica would make atchara to get over Richard.

26. Janice's catchphrase would be "O Diyos ko!"

27. Monica would buy a selfie stick that she saw on an infomercial.

28. And they'd use it to poke Ugly Naked Guy when they thought he was dead.

29. Instead of football, all six of them will play basketball on the street.

30. Ross' team would lose and Monica's would ask them to crawl under their legs.

31. Instead of "va' fa Napoli," Joey would say "Ukininam".

32. There wouldn't be any Thanksgiving episodes.

33. Instead there would be Holy Week ones. They would air for seven days.

34. And instead of the parade, they'd watch penitensya on TV.

35. And there'd be an episode where they'd stay in for a Manny Pacquiao fight.

36. Phoebe wouldn't feel bad about Christmas trees because they're all just plastic.

37. But her beautiful snow wedding wouldn't go as expected because, uhm, there's no snow?

38. At every party they throw, everyone would go crazy over Monica's lumpia.

39. Joey would accidentally eat fake rice.

40. And would still like it.

41. He'd also mistake turon for a lumpia.

42. And would still like it.

43. Instead of a whole turkey, Joey would eat a whole bilao of pansit.

44. The sofa in Monica's apartment would be covered in plastic.

45. Also her remote controls.

46. Aside from towels, she'll also have 11 categories for tsinelas.

47. And would never allow anyone in her apartment without having them take their shoes off.

48. They'd get weekly visits from their parents and vice versa.

49. And Rach's parents would force Ross and Rachel to get married when they found out she was pregnant.

50. So then Ross would ask for a DNA test on Emma.

51. Instead of a dirty novel, Joey would discover Rachel's diary.

52. Janice would try to break Monica and Chandler up.

53. And instead of her iconic laugh, she'd go "BU WA HA HA HA!" while looking at the ceiling as she plans on it.

54. And finally, Ross would be able to stop Rachel at the airport because her flight got delayed.