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17 Breathtaking Beaches To Visit When You're Tired Of Boracay

Dem hipster beaches.

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1. Palaui Island

Location: Cagayan

Fun fact: Palaui is a remote island located in the extreme northeast of Luzon, so there aren't any hotels or resorts around — perfect if you want to stay away from crowds. Visitors can go hiking and camping in the mountains and take a refreshing dip afterwards.


4. Gumasa Beach

Location: Saranggani

Fun Fact: Turns out Manny Pacquiao isn't the only pride of Saranggani. They've also got the calm waves and glistening white sand of Gumasa beach for tourists to look forward to. There's also Lake Sebu where tourists can go on land adventures like the 600-foot zipline — one of the highest in South East Asia.


11. Panampangan Island

Location: Tawi-tawi

Fun Fact: When someone says "beach," nobody ever thinks of Tawi-Tawi first, maybe because it's so far from the metro — it's closer to Brunei than it is to Manila! But what most people don't know is that Tawi-Tawi is home to one of the best snorkeling and diving destinations in the Philippines.


15. Nagsasa Cove

Location: Zambales

Fun Fact: Nagsasa Cove offers a detachment from a stressful life in the metro, not only because of the majestic view and the calm waters, but more importantly because the place has no electricity. Cell signal is barely there you might as well throw your phone in the sea.


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