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This Is How Much The 5 & Up Hosts Changed In More Than Ten Years

Curious kids, unite!

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In case you lived under a rock in the 90's and early 2000s, 5 & Up is an award-winning magazine TV show that aired in the Philippines in 1992-2002. The best part? It was hosted by kids and teens!

Here's how much the hosts have changed since the show's last episode more than ten years ago:


Rayver also hosted 5 & Up with his older brother, Rodjun, who's wearing all the Adidas merch he can get in this photo:

Probe Prodcutions, Inc. / Via

5 & Up? More like, 5 Enough Adidas merch, Rodjun. Watch an adorable blooper of the brothers here.


This is Carlo Mendoza now:

He's now an award-winning cinematographer and has worked on a handful of films like Bwakaw, Barber's Tales, and Above The Clouds. Here's a photo of him with fellow Pinoy pride, Cannes Best Actress for 2016, Jaclyn Jose. Ugh, so much talent in one photo.