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Anthony Bourdain's Manila Episode Of "Parts Unknown" Will Make You Feel Things

"Filipinos give—of themselves, of their time their money, their love—to others."

1. First of all, when he praised the Filipinos for their generosity.

2. And their love for home AKA the Philippines.

3. When he said an accurate observation about Pinoys and food.

4. When a familiar face appeared on the screen.

5. And when Bourdain ordered what a Jollibee-pro would order.

6. When he had some halo-halo and got confused by it, but wasn't even complaining.

7. Then, a child saw him eating and he was gracious enough to offer her some.

Just like how Pinoys do it.

8. And he *actually* bought her a glass of the sweet dessert.

9. When he casually joined a drinking session at a random street in Manila.

Classic inuman style.

10. And they had sisig as pulutan, opkors.

11. When he recognized the hardships Filipinos have gone through—including the Marcos regime and Martial Law.

12. When he dropped truth bombs about the Maguindanao Massacre and the killing of journalists.

Yep, shit got real.

13. And more truth bombs, this time about poverty in the country.

14. When he had lunch with a Filipino family and had kare-kare, no less.

15. And of course, the pambansang ulam of Filipinos, adobo.

16. When he damn well knew what's in our heart of hearts.

17. When he talked about overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), a job we're all too familiar with because every Filipino family has a member who is one.

18. And learned that it's not just about travelling to another country.

19. Because it entails a lot of sacrifices.

20. When he realized how a huge box means so much more to Pinoys.

21. When he read a heartwarming letter to Aling Aurora, a former OFW who worked as a nanny, from someone she used to babysit.

22. And finally, when his closing statement made every one of us proud to be Filipinos.

Oh stahp it, Tito Anthony. <3