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    May 11, 2017

    I Ranked Fictional Mothers From Filipino Movies And TV Shows And I Seriously Had A Hard Time

    Because most of these moms are great. REALLY GREAT.

    🚨🚨🚨 Disclaimer 🚨🚨🚨

    This list only includes mothers from movies and TV shows I've seen so if I've missed anyone, please forgive me! This ranking is based solely on how they are as fictional mothers and isn't meant to offend anyone especially all the wonderful mothers who are slaying it in reality.

    TL;DR pls don't fite me I'm soft and fragile.

    Okay, let's begin!

    20. Doña Benita from Pangako Sa’yo


    Mother of: Eduardo and Diego Buenavista

    She forced Eduardo to break up with his girlfriend and marry someone he doesn’t love for political reasons. And as if that’s not enough, she also conspired with her other son, Diego, to help her break Eduardo’s relationship up by RAPING his girlfriend. Like, WTF, Benita?!?!?!??!? That’s not the way to raise a child!!!

    19. Carmela Velasco from Crazy Beautiful You

    Star Cinema

    Mother of: Kiko Alcantara

    The first time we saw her, Kiko was bailing her out of jail. So yeah, not a good start. Reason for being jailed? Gambling. ANDDDDD she acts like nothing happened because apparently, being jailed is nothing new for her. Yep. Talk about setting a good example for her kids!

    18. Claudia Buenavista from Pangako Sa’yo


    Mother of: Angelo and Lia Buenavista

    Remember Eduardo and the woman he was forced to marry? Well, in their trainwreck of a marriage, they still managed to have some kids. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just like Doña Benita, she’s unbelievably disapproving of Angelo’s girlfriend and is overly insecure of her husband’s ex and she’s willing to kill for it. Literally. Yikes.

    17. Joy Ramirez from Feng Shui

    Star Cinema

    Mother of: Denton and Ingrid Ramirez

    Some may say she’s just a victim of bad luck, and for that I don’t blame her. But GIIIIIIRLLLL people around you are already saying you should get rid of the Bagua Mirror else you AND YOUR KIDS may die. AND WHAT DID YOU DO??? You held on to that shit and even left your kids at a very dangerous time. Nakakalokaaaaa.

    16. Rona Olivar/Wyatt from On the Wings of Love


    Mother of: Tiffany and Leah Olivar

    She started out to be the perfect loving mother and wife who worked abroad so she can give her family better life. Then she died and we all felt sorry for her and those she left behind. Turns out, she’s alive and has just been hiding in the US with her son (yes, she married an American WHILE still married to Leah’s father WTF). Granted she only did it so she can give her family back home money BUT GIRL????? That’s a pretty big lie with permanent consequences, don’t ya think? Way to give your daughters trust issues. She asked for forgiveness and made up for it, though, and everything’s smooth sailing by the end of the series.

    15. Charito from Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo

    Star Cinema

    Mother of: Jed

    She’s a snob who looks down on Jed’s wife and her family—especially her mom—for being poor and for having a longganisa business to make ends meet. She’s also a monster-in-law to Jed’s wife, causing their marriage unnecessary problems. She didn’t kill or had anyone raped, though, so I guess she’s okay.

    14. Belita from Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo

    Star Cinema

    Mother of: Angie

    She’s an independent woman who survived the fallout of her own marriage and continues providing for her family with her longganisa business (which I bet is fire), but she always unapologetically oversteps boundaries and tends to overstay her welcome which can be really suffocating for Jed and Angie.

    13. Bettina Grande from Forevermore


    Mother of: Xander Grande

    She the typical cruel matriarch archetype, but unlike the ones listed above, you can tell she’s doing it only because she wants what she thinks is the best for her son. She’s also dealing with some inner struggles so you can tell she’s human and not, you know, Satan. She got better at the later half of the show as she reconciled with Xander.

    12. Cassandra Duico from ’Till I Met You


    Mother of: Iris Duico

    Cass is great. She’s the type of mom who treats her daughter like a best friend, but also strong enough to raise her kids singlehandedly. But the controlling mom side of her showed up when Iris fell in love and she was lukewarm about it. She also lets her personal issues get in the way of her daughter’s marriage, which is kinda selfish and uncool. But she tries, and that’s what’s important.

    11. Jacqueline “Tita Jack” Fausto from On the Wings of Love


    Mother of: Jigs Fausto

    Tita Jack is a cool lesbian mom who works very hard as an OFW to provide for her son. She also served as a mom to her nephew Clark who’s also living in the US. She’s game for anything and lets her son (and those whom she consider her children) do what they want and learn from their own mistakes. But because she’s not there to raise her son, she resorts to giving gifts to compensate for her absence. This made Jigs grow up to be spoiled, causing problems to those around him (and high blood pressure to those watching the series). It’s frustrating to watch her tolerate his tantrums LIKE MUMSHIE PLEASE CONTROL YOUR SON.

    10. Amor Powers from Pangako Sa’yo


    Mother of: Yna Macaspac

    Remember Eduardo’s ex who got raped by his brother? Yep, that’s Amor. Despite her past, she worked her way literally from the ground up which makes her really badass. She has a good heart, but it was tarnished with anger and desire for revenge. She never really got to be a mom for Yna for the most part, because she thought her daughter died as a kid, but everything she does is so she can avenge her death. So dark, ‘di ba?

    9. Rose Eugenio from One More Chance

    Star Cinema

    Mother of: Basha Belinda Eugenio

    Rose only had a short scene, but it’s a very important one. It’s when Basha came home crying after seeing her ex with someone new, and she asked her daughter “Ano, iku-kwento mo ba, o huhulaan ko na lang?” UGGHHH THE TEARS.

    8. Baby Maglatas from A Very Special Love film series

    Star Cinema

    Mother of: Laida Magtalas

    Baby is a typical loving housewife who helps in the family business and that’s exactly where her charm comes from. When her husband cheated on him, she chose the option that will keep her family together—she forgave him. Some may say she’s a martyr, but she’s a martyr for her family. <3

    7. Shirley Templo from In My Life

    Mother of: Mark Salvacion

    Although she’d accepted Mark’s sexuality long ago, it was still hard for Shirley to grasp the fact that her son is now in a relationship with a man. And I guess that’s natural, especially for an old fashioned woman like her. In the end, she accepted the relationship and even treated Noel, Mark’s lover, as her own son. #LoveWins

    6. Tiffany Olivar from On the Wings of Love


    Mother of: Gabby Olivar

    Hey boyfriend left her when he found out she was pregnant, so she had no choice but to raise her son on her own even though life is hard. She raised a cute little boy who is respectful and kind so you know she’s a great mom. And when her ex came back for them, she showed him they don’t need his money because they can manage on their own. FUCK YEAH SINGLE MOMS. Tito Sotto is #sh00kt!

    5. Sarah Gonzales from Caregiver

    Star Cinema

    Mother of: Pau Gonzales

    Sarah lived up to the end of her deal on their marriage vows when she left her teaching job and their son back in the Philippines to join his husband in London and work as a caregiver to provide for a better living. She basically had to uproot her life and build a new one in an unfamiliar place, all the while her marriage was going south despite all her efforts. She never signed up for any of it, but she did what she had to do for her son.

    4. Estella from Abakada… Ina

    Viva Films

    Estella never let her illiteracy get in the way of her being a good mother. Despite her mother-in-law’s belittling and her husband being away, she continued raising her children. People may think low of her because of her lack of educational attainment, but TBH, it’s the people like her who deserve the highest of admirations.

    3. Amanda Bartolome from Dekada ’70

    Star Cinema

    Mother of: Jules, Isagani, Emmanuel, Jason, and Benjamin Bartolome

    It’s hard being a mom, but I bet it was most challenging to be one during the Martial Law era, especially if your children are woke AF like Amanda’s. It requires a certain kind of strength and faith to not know where your son might be, and to learn that he was tortured and imprisoned. Even so, Amanda accepted every thing, not only because she’s also woke AF, but because she’s a strong mother who raised good children.

    2. Agnes “Ateng” De Guia-Nicolas from ’Till I Met You


    Mother of: Ali Nicolas

    Ali struggled with his sexuality for the most of his life, and struggled even more in coming out to his parents, especially to his dad who’s a soldier. But one of the kindest people who made things easier for him was his own mother who told him she loves him no matter who he is. TBH, that’s the only thing anyone who's LGBT needs to hear. Agnes was supportive even in his son’s dating life. She would set him up with cute guys, and would be there to hug him when he’d come home brokenhearted. She’s the mother all LGBT people deserve.

    1. Josie from Anak

    Star Cinema

    Mother of: Carla, Michael, and Daday

    She stepped up and worked as a domestic helper in Hong Kong when her husband couldn’t and suffered through harsh employers even when he died. She finally came home only to find out that her eldest resents her and will do anything (and anyone) to rebel against her. But she stood through everything, put her in place with a phenomenal monologue, and never gave up on her until she straightens up. Honestly you guys, mom 👏 of 👏 the 👏 century 👏.

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