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14 Incredible Things To Do In Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Also known as "the City of the Living God" for good reason.

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1. Go island-hopping in the quiet waters of Honda Bay.

A 45-minute drive from the city proper, Honda Bay is home to various virgin islands like Pandan Island, Starfish Island, Cowrie Island, and Luli Island. The famous Dos Palmas Resort is also accessible from the port. You can choose to rent your own boat for around ₱1,500 ($33) or share it with fellow tourists.

2. Eat fresh-out-of-the-oven bread at Baker's Hill.

Baker's Hill is known for their Hopia Ube, but there are a LOT of other baked goods also available at the store, so feel free to hoard. No one's gonna judge you. There's also a restaurant inside where you can order more of Palawan's delicacies.

3. Get up close and personal with some scaly friends at the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center.

The Center offers a 30-minute tour around the area for ₱40 (literally less than one US dollar). They also house the largest living saltwater crocodile which can grow up to 20 feet long. Taking a photo with the baby crocodiles (I named mine Crocie) is free of charge but not compulsory. Highly recommended for adventurous tourists who like to live life on the edge (i.e. obviously not me).


4. Or if you're not feeling friendly, you could just eat 'em.

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Crocodile sisig and crocodile tapa are sold at the cafeteria inside the Center for ₱170 (less than $4) each. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. Try the freshest seafood you never knew existed.

Tourists can buy seafood at the local market or go to nearby restaurants for a healthy dose of crabs, clams, and other shellfish. What makes these guys taste so damn good is the fact that they're fresh from the sea. Even the most expensive restos in the cities rarely get catches like this, so eat up!

6. Or go full on Hakuna Matata and eat a local delicacy called tamilok.

Tamilok is a type of saltwater clam, kind of like an oyster, except it's also a woodworm. They're found inside rotting mangrove trees, so the woody aftertaste is no surprise. Mix it with vinegar, onions, and lots of chili peppers and it could taste really yummy.

7. Drink Pale Pilsen by the pristine white sands of Pandan Island.

Pandan Island is known to have a finest sand among all the other islands in Honda Bay, so it's no surprise it's the most popular one. Tiny huts around the island sell fresh seafood and tourists can ask the staff to cook the daily catch any way they want.


8. Swim with Spongebob's friends on Starfish Island.

The island is named after the various types of starfish seen all over the shoreline. Bring your snorkeling gear (which you can rent at the port) and feed fishes with bits of bread. Starfish Island is known to be less crowded than Pandan Island, so if you're looking for a more quiet escape, this island would be paradise.

11. Go to Iwahig River and watch some fireflies by nightfall.

Fireflies are abundant in the mangrove trees along Iwahig River. The tour will take you to a 30 to 45-minute paddle boat ride through the river to get an up-close view of the sparkling fireflies.

12. Hike and try the different adventures in Ugong Rock.

Aside from the beach, Puerto Princesa also has lush forests and mountains where tourists can continue to explore nature. Ugong Rock Adventures offers activities like ziplining, spelunking, and trekking all for ₱450 ($10) per person.

14. And of course, visit the world-famous Underground River.

What's a trip to Puerto Princesa without a visit to the Underground River? Recently named one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park offers a 45-minute canoe tour of the Underground River. The tour gives visitors a peek into the first 1.5 kilometers of the cave. Endemic wildlife species can also be seen around the area.