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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Oct 4, 2016

    14 Times Miriam Defensor-Santiago Was Your Spirit Human

    "I eat death threats for breakfast."

    1. When she made a cross sign using her index fingers in one of her privilege speeches against Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile.

    2. Followed by her channelling Katniss Everdeen because she's ~hip~ like that.

    ABS CBN / Via

    3. When she talked about what she felt about Justin Bieber and made us realize she was all of us.

    People Asia / Via

    4. When she confirmed that she too, one of the top-performing senators of the country, academically speaking, gets bored at senate hearings.




    5. When she told her Twitter followers the secret to her diet.

    6. And why she prefers shoes over handbags.


    7. That time she proved she's 👑KWEEN👑 of petty comebacks.

    8. That time she turned a senate hearing into a law class.


    "I give you a grade of 3. In UP, that means I pass you, but I warn you."

    9. When she didn't let a prosecutor get away with covering his ears while she was speaking at a senate hearing.


    "Kung ayaw mong pakinggan, umalis ka sa korte!"

    10. When her self-confidence didn't waver.

    Twitter: @itsmekarlo29

    Me to my crush, tbh.

    11. When she was all of us 'pag beastmode. / PhilStar

    "I am not angry, Mr. President! I am irate! I am furious! I am foaming at the mouth. I am hitting the roof! I am homicidal. I am suicidal! I am ballistic! I am insulted! I am himuliated. I am abased. I am degraded. And not only that, I feel like I am throwing up to be living my middle years in the country of this nature."


    12. When she announced she had cancer, but didn't let that stop her from continuing to be a badass.

    Feisty, as always.

    13. When she saw cancer as just another battle she had to face and emerge victorious from. No big deal. / PhilStar

    "I went to see a pulmonologist and then she said, 'I'm sorry but you have cancer,' and I said, 'Yes!' Because I wanted a challenge in my life."

    14. And when she, despite her sickness, ran for the presidency and didn't let anything hold her back.

    Twitter: @FilipinoScribe


    Rest well, Senator Miriam. ❤

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