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    Here Are The Important Things Rodrigo Duterte Covered In His 2017 SONA (And The Things He Didn't)

    War on drugs, human rights, and Martial Law, just to name a few.

    On July 23, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his State of the Nation Address, his second in his six-year term.

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    As typical SONAs go, it was expected that his speech include updates on the promises he'd made during his first SONA, as well as a statement of his administration's accomplishments during his first year in the office.

    So let's get down to it, shall we?

    First of all, of course, the president talked about the war on drugs.

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    Within the first few minutes of his speech, President Duterte said that the war on drugs will not cease despite pressure from international government and organizations.

    In this light, he proceeded to talk about his stance on human rights.

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    "I will not allow the ruin of the youth, the integration of families... forced by criminals... Neither will I be immobilized by inactions," he said.

    But some people weren't buying it.

    "I value human rights" JOKE OF THE DAY OMG

    Minutes later, the president asked the congress to get a move on about the death penalty.


    And naturally, people were confused.

    Duterte min. ago: I VALUE HUMAN LIFE Duterte NOW: The only way to deter crime is to instill fear.If you do it,you w…

    As a further justification of capital punishment to the international community, Duterte cited our Revised Penal Code which, according to him, was given to us by the Spaniards.


    "In the Philippines, it is really an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth," he said.

    Eager fact-checkers begged to disagree though.

    FACT CHECK: Penal code given to us by Spaniards VALIDATION: Enacted Dec. 8, 1930 SOURCE:…

    The president also talked about the ongoing Martial Law in Mindanao, which he declared in May and was recently extended until December this year, as his way of countering attacks led by the Maute group in the city of Marawi.


    "I declared Martial Law in Mindanao because I believe that was the fastest way to quell rebellion," he said. He also addressed the public that we should "wait [the Maute siege] out" and see what happens in the coming days.

    With regards to environmental matters, Duterte focused on the country's mining industry.


    Duterte goes strong against mining companies! Threatens to tax them to death if they dont restore environment virginity

    "All mining operations must refrain from the destruction of our natural resources," he said.

    He also touched on the subject of climate change and urged the DENR to look into it, especially for the sake of Mindanao where, according to him, erratic weather can deeply affect food supply.

    Foreign policy and international relations, particularly with China, were also discussed.


    Duterte says he aims to "pursue good relations with all countries anchored on an independent foreign policy."

    In line with this, he recalled the 1901 massacre in Balangiga, Samar where, in the height of the Philippine-American war, the US Army took three church bells as war booty and have not been returned to this day.

    Sgt. Alfonso Ramirez Jr. / AP /

    "Those bells are reminders of the gallantry and heroism of our forebears who resisted the American colonizers and sacrifices their lives in the process," he said. "Please return it. It would hurt us if you don't."

    It was a nice effort and all, but people thought the president's "selective memory" on history and his demand of taking what is ours is quite... odd.

    hinihingi ang Balangiga bells pero ang ill-gotten wealth keribels, lampake?

    Here's a reminder of the ill-gotten wealth the Marcoses have yet to return:

    Our Balangiga bells is as important as our West Philippine Sea. We need you to demand the return and ownership of both. #SONA2017

    Duterte also saluted overseas Filipino workers and tagged them as "heroes" as their remittances are a great help to our economy.


    He vowed to increase assistance for OFWs from Php400 million to more than Php1 billion.

    Regarding the bad flow of traffic in the metro, Duterte said he has China's assistance on building road infrastructures to ease the problem.


    This is apart from his orders to concerned offices to clear causes of traffic.

    Lastly, Duterte urged the senate to pass the Tax Reform Bill which aims to lessen the burden of taxpayers.


    "Do you want me to kneel before you?" Duterte addressed the senate. "The poor and the vulnerable are at the heart of my tax reform."

    The speech lasted for about two hours, which was quite long as far as SONAs are concerned, but some members of the audiences still found it lacking.

    Senator Bam Aquino, for example, wondered why President Duterte didn't touch upon the topic of free education.

    One hour into the #SONA2017, nasaan na kaya ang libreng edukasyon sa ating mga SUC? #PassFreeEducation [TeamBam]

    Protection of indigenous tribes and healthcare were also points of interests that, members of the public found, were barely discussed.

    Silent issues as of 6:05pm: Education, Contractualization/Employment,Indigenous Tribe, Health Care,Buildbuildbuild #SONA #PANGAKONGPAGBABAGO

    Others wanted an update on the issue of contractualization, which Duterte mentioned in his first SONA.

    I forced myself to watch the SONA to know what's the current state of contractualization and free education. All I got was immature rants.

    Others were just looking for updates on the president's promises.

    Some unmet promises of last year's SONA End contractualization End drug trade End CPP rebellion End Islamist separatism Raise nominal wages

    There was also no mention of the Uber-Grab-LTFRB issue which caused public clamor over the past few weeks.

    Worst part of the SONA? No mention of the UBER/Grab debacle

    There are some missing in DU30's SONA, the growth stats, infrastructure, education and health plans. Was looking froward for that #SONA2017

    A lot of people were disappointed by how the entire speech went.

    : Para kayong nag-imbita sa Sandignabayan ng lasing na tito sa reception ng binyag.

    But there were also those who applauded the country's leader for his courage to speak up on certain issues.

    Gutsy move of Digong to talk to rallying leftists after #SONA2017. Galing, tapang.

    And others were just plain amused by everything that went down.

    This is the funniest yet informative #SONA2017 in the PHhistory. No fake smiles, no fake words, totoong-totoo. Not scripted. Just curses.😂

    I don't have the regrets on voting President Duterte, still a wise President for me. ❤🙌 #SONA2017

    1. What about you? What did you think of Duterte's 2nd SONA?

      What about you? What did you think of Duterte's 2nd SONA?

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    What about you? What did you think of Duterte's 2nd SONA?
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