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    Posted on Nov 27, 2017

    If You Laugh At These 21 Totally Harmless Photos, Madumi Utak Mo

    Y'all need Jesus.

    1. Okay, let's start easy. Did you giggle?

    2. Alright, what about this one?

    Twitter: @Bubanizerrr

    John Lloyd is shaking, btw.


    4. Hmmmmm dumi ng utak!

    5. Oh ano? It's just a game!

    6. Nananahimik 'yung tinapay, bessy.

    7. O, bakit ka tumatawa?

    8. Ano, kaya pa?

    9. Okay, let's relax a bit.

    10. And learn a little.

    11. Just look at this filling 😏😏😏 lunch.

    12. How about some chicharon?

    13. Want some orange juice with that?

    14. How about some dip?

    15. Got this far without a single laugh?

    16. DON'T LIE!!!!

    17. *squints*

    18. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Magbago ka na!

    19. Ahhh, feels good to let loose, doesn't it?

    20. Okay lang 'yan. We're all adults here.

    21. Ito last na, promise.

    Damn, are you proud of yourself?


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