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    19 Secrets That Overseas Filipino Workers Won't Tell You

    Just because they live abroad, doesn't mean they live like kings and queens.

    1. OFWs don't have a ton of money you think they have.

    2. They make unbelievable sacrifices to buy all the pasalubong you ask for.

    3. Not everyone live the Good Life abroad, you know.

    4. And they miss Filipino food. A LOT.

    5. That balikbayan box you've been waiting for? Yeah, they shed blood, sweat, and tears to fill that up.

    6. Watching a Filipinio TV show or movie can be a struggle.

    7. OFWs can't afford to get sick because no one would be there to take care of them.

    8. Some of them take on extreme jobs they didn't even sign up for.

    9. And of course, there are the looooong hours they work to get that extra pay.

    10. And when they get home, they still have to do chores because, again, no one is there to do it for them.

    11. They've missed so many family events.

    12. Like they've missed seeing their children or little siblings grow up.

    13. Holidays don't feel the same either.

    14. A lot of their days-off are spent alone in their apartment or boarding house.

    15. Their number one enemy is self-pity.

    16. And of course, there's home sickness and separation anxiety.

    17. And there's just no amount of phone and video calls that can cure it.

    18. It's not like they wanted to leave their family behind, in the first place.

    19. And in the end, nothing sounds better than the news of coming back home.