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19 Secrets That Overseas Filipino Workers Won't Tell You

Just because they live abroad, doesn't mean they live like kings and queens.

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1. OFWs don't have a ton of money you think they have.

Twitter: @YourDubai

A huge chunk of their hard-earned money goes straight to their families in the Philippines, which is the reason why they went to work abroad in the first place.

2. They make unbelievable sacrifices to buy all the pasalubong you ask for.

Twitter: @benavidez1581

Doesn't matter if they don't have decent shoes, just as long as they can buy you that Adidas or Nike you've been asking them to buy for so long.


5. That balikbayan box you've been waiting for? Yeah, they shed blood, sweat, and tears to fill that up.

Twitter: @kryztyn98

It takes OFWs months to fill an entire balikbayan box because sending out a half-full one would be such a waste of money and effort. Be patient.


18. It's not like they wanted to leave their family behind, in the first place.

Twitter: @ElisaAngeles2

They just really, REALLY, need to do it so they can give their family a good life. If there's one thing OFWs have mastered, it's the art of sacrifice.