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    25 Kris Aquino Quotes That'll Make You Say "Nakakalokaaaa!"

    My spirit animal, tbh.

    1. When you buy a whole bucket of Chicken Joy for yourself:

    2. When you've had too much Mexican food:

    ABS / CBN

    3. When you're too tired to fight the patriarchy:

    4. When a friend asks you for dating tips:

    5. When Jhepoy Dizon says you're pulubi and taga-hugas ng pinggan:

    6. When you wake up from a 3-hour nap:

    7. When bae asks where you want to eat after a huge fight:

    8. When you realize you went a little too overboard with your "everyday" make up:

    9. When the haters are talking shit about you and you have no idea why:

    10. When you pass by your friend's ex in the hallway:

    11. When you tell your mom you got the Loyalty of Best in Penmanship award:

    12. When your friends want to meet up at a time when it's too hot outside.

    13. When your crush asks why you only ordered a salad for lunch:

    14. When your crush says you look good today:

    Facebook: RealKrisAquino

    "Taray. Narinig n'yo yan ha. Thank you, Lord. Please record that, ha."

    15. When your crush hit like on a selfie you put a lot of effort into and you just wanna commend yourself for a job well done:

    16. When you've successfully taken a dump at a public bathroom:

    17. When you finally figure out why you keep getting emotionally hurt:

    Facebook: RealKrisAquino

    Dapat walang label, walang anything.

    18. When people ask why you have too many blotting sheets in your purse:

    19. When your therapist asks you about your emotional baggage and anxieties:

    20. When you finished the first night of your ten-step Korean skin care routine:

    21. When a kid asks where children come from:

    22. When people ask why you're waiting 'til marriage:

    ABS CBN /

    23. When you agree to go on a "coffee date" with an old friend:

    ABS CBN /

    24. When you're at a job interview and they ask about your strengths:

    25. When you do the bare minimum:

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