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18 Reasons This Year's Metro Manila Film Festival Was Revolutionary

And more reasons to catch these films.

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2. Saving Sally, one of the entries, is a live-action/animated film—a rare gem in terms of Philippine cinema.

Rocketsheep Studios / Via

Also, the male antagonist, Nick, is shaped like a dick, so there's that. Watch the full trailer here.


5. Another entry, Die Beautiful, tells the story about the life (and death) of a transgender woman. Most mainstream film productions rarely touch such a story, and when they do, they're often just accessories to straight protagonists.

6. Paolo Ballesteros plays the main character, Trisha. Her best friend, Barbs, is played by Christian Bables, who won Best Supporting Actor during the awards night.


12. For this year's horror/thriller fix, there's Seklusyon, which isn't only about jump scares, but also a commentary on religion and one's inner demons. And hot deacons.


13. Oro, though a bit controversial*, tells the story of an armed group's exploitation of a previously undisturbed gold mining community. It is inspired by true events that happened in Camarines Sur in 2014.

Feliz Film Productions / Via

*A scene depicting a slaughter of a dog (which was later revealed happened for real) caused an uproar to the public and the Philippine Animal Welfare Society. This issue led MMFF to withdraw Oro's Fernando Poe Jr. Memorial Award.

Watch the trailer here.

15. Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2 is a smart and comedic account on the production of mainstream romantic films in the Philippines, which was like, so meta.

Quantum Films

Also a proof that funny movies can be non-brain-deteriorating, too. Watch the trailer here.


18. And finally, contrary to initial assumptions on this year's MMFF, the Filipino audience still LOVED. IT. despite the absence of the usuals.

Tamang cute and fluffy feels talaga ang Saving Sally. Plus, ang ganda ganda ng pagkakagawa. To think na low budgeted pa ang movie na 'to <3

[pagkatapos ng Die Beautiful] kuya sa tabi: ang daming matututunan. gusto ko ipapanood sa mga kaklase ko para maintindihan nila ako. :(

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