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    26 Things You Did If You Went To High School In The Philippines In The 2000's

    "Pengeng polbo."

    1. Went to shops that burned songs onto a CD for Php50.00.

    Twitter: @jarorubia

    And waited until the next day to get your hands on it.

    2. Played your newly burned mix using the CD player your teacher brought into the classroom.

    3. Or, if you're more ~tech-savvy~, you downloaded the songs yourself using the ever-reliable LimeWire.

    Twitter: @tomatonetwork

    And downloaded a bunch of Malware and Worm viruses along with them too.

    4. Volunteered (or was forced to volunteer) to carry the OHP from your classroom to the next.

    Reddit / Twitter: @just_garlic

    'Yung totoo, nagvo-volunteer ka lang 'pag nasa kabilang classroom 'yung crush mo.

    5. Lost friendships because of a piece of intermediate pad paper.

    6. Dreaded after-school cleaning duties.

    Highschool me be like: Me: sabay na tayo uwi? Crush: di pwede, cleaners ako mamaya eh

    You can try to escape, but you'd have to face shame the next day when you see your name on the "ESCAPED:" list.

    7. Girls AND boys went crazy over face powders that come in variants.

    BYC Group


    "Uy, penge polbo."

    Like clockwork.

    8. Put eyeliner on our waterline even though it wasn't allowed because we were ~eDgY aS fUck~.

    Twitter: @pixiesdu / BuzzFeed

    9. Boys wore baston-cut pants no matter how much the teachers said they couldn't.

    Twitter: @HanssKetchup

    The more you can tell how your bare leg looks like, the cooler you think you are.

    10. And also wore studded belts maisingit lang 'yung pagka pUnK r0ck sa uniform.

    11. Emo side bangs were the latest hairstyle trend.

    12. And if your high school wasn't that strict, boys went crazy about it too.

    ABS CBN / BuzzFeed

    13. But if they couldn't wear their hair long, sure as hell they put tons of gel or wax on it.

    14. Bags were a huge representation of who you were: a cool, edgy, angry teenager.

    15. And as if wasn't not enough, we put on some ~statement~ button pins in case people still didn't know how pUnK r0cK we were.

    16. Brought NO OTHER kind of handkerchief to school other than a Bench & Bath face towel.

    Twitter: @SagumGutom_

    Which you always spun on your fingers while walking through the hallway because that's just how cool you are.

    17. Sneaked in your phone AND managed to text through your bag or pocket because BUTTONS!

    18. Used the same rad phone to take cute selfies like this:

    Twitter: @patdbln

    Yes, that's Liza Soberano.

    19. Opened during computer time and scared your classmates with the photos and videos you saw.

    20. If you went to a Catholic school, you had to listen to the Jubilee song every time there was an event in school.

    21. But if we're being honest, you'd have rather listened to the jamming of your classmates who, for some reason, were always at the back of the room.

    Twitter: @Evaangs

    Guitar + beatbox + puberty-ridden voice + Kamikazee = HIGH SCHOOL LIFE.

    22. When you got home, you immediately logged on to Yahoo! Messenger to bug your friends.

    23. And updated your Friendster shoutout to the most recent emo lyrics you found.


    24. You went to town and checked who's viewed your profile.

    ABS CBN / BuzzFeed

    Yes, kids, we could do that during our time.

    25. And if your friends still hadn't replied to Y!M at this point, you went ahead and sent a GM.

    Twitter: @jenicaPATTYarca

    Pero magpapa-load ka muna at mag-u-unli.

    26. Because high school barkada is forever!

    Twitter: @tinnabananafana

    'Cause if they've seen you in your awkward pUnK r0cK phases and still stuck with you, that's true love. <3

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