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Literally Just 17 Photos Of The New Philippine Administration That'll Make You Laugh

Politics can be funny.

1. When you have a tight schedule:

2. When your parents are on your side:

3. A guide to finding "the one":

4. 'Pag may chismosa pero wapakels:

5. When you ate too much, too soon.

6. When you gotta take every opportunity to have a connection with your crush:

7. When you're hanging out with a couple:

8. When your friend supports you in all your kalandian:

9. So you support them too in any way you can:

10. When you attend mass and immediately regret it:

11. There's always that one guy in class...

12. When rules aren't your strongest suit:

13. When family reunions are the bane of your existence:

14. When you get blessed with the right groupmates:

15. This terrible but quite fitting pun:

16. Another pun that's so obvious but subtle at the same time:

17. And finally, this extremely accurate analogy: