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    Posted on Oct 24, 2016

    21 Times CD-R King Fucking Delivered More Than It Should

    Scrapbook kit? Bread toaster? DANGLING EARRINGS? They got 'em.

    In the Philippines, we have a shop called CD-R King. Their tagline? "Your one-stop media provider!" And, well, they live up to it.

    They've got everything you need, computer-slash-mobile wise... And more.

    1. They also sell things that are not-at-all random or in any way out of place. Like this safety vest, for example.

    2. Or these hair accessories, just in case you're feeling it while buying a flash drive.

    3. Neck pillows? School supplies? STUFFED TOYS???? They got 'em.

    4. Need to pick up a gift for your pamangkins? CD-R King is your guy.

    5. And while you're at it with your "shopping", how about some t-shirts?

    Twitter: @KenJairus

    Ano size mo sa men's? Large? Or extra large? Extra large, okay!

    6. CD-R King totally understands your kitchen needs.

    CD-R King

    7. They'll come through for you when it comes to breakfast.

    8. Or to dinner.

    9. And of course they totally get your love of rice!

    10. And because they want you to have a complete meal, they also have water dispensers.

    11. Complete with gallons of actual water because ONE-STOP SHOP NGA 'DI BA?

    12. Bet you didn't know they sell furniture, too!

    13. And they have the answers to all your hair troubles.

    14. Dirty toenails? Say no more, fam.

    15. Dangling earrings may be out of style, but that doesn't stop CD-R King from selling them.

    16. Just when you thought they can't possibly sell anything, they come up with a hover board.

    17. And electric motorbikes!

    18. And of course, helmets (para safe).

    19. Oh, CD-R King sells the darndest things!

    20. I mean, CD-R King?? More like, CD-R King of Everything!

    21. Just ask, and you shall receive.

    CD-R King will provide! 🙏

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