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    What It's Like To Be Tired, But Still Deeply Care About Philippine Politics

    Yoko Na Pagod Na Ko S05E10

    1. You check Facebook first thing in the morning and the first thing you see are political posts.


    2. You tell yourself you'll behave but someone says something that triggers you.

    3. And you always try to keep a positive ~vibe~ even though the world tests you.

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    4. Sometimes, other people's statements are so illogical, it physically hurts your brain.

    5. And then, as if it's not enough, you see fake news being passed around.

    6. And you see a lot of people actually believing it.

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    7. It hurts when you find out you and your crush have different political views, but you'd rather ditch their ass.

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    Bayan bago landi.

    8. And it can be hard to keep up friendships when you both feel strongly about different things in politics. So you leave their ass, too.


    9. You're just too tired of hearing Ad Hominems instead of logical arguments.


    Although sometimes you just can't help but throw in a few insults yourself.

    10. But if there's one thing you can't take, it's the disgusting comments from perverts which doesn't even have anything to do with the issue at hand.

    11. When friends of different nationalities ask how's it going in your country, you honestly don't know what to say.

    12. You're just so fed up with everything that it's affecting your personal life.

    13. As in ayaw mo na talaga, bes.

    14. Bickering in the comments section can get old, so you just send a subtweet instead.

    15. And then when someone still reacts, you're like STFU.

    16. Yep, it can be so hard that you just wanna leave the country for a bit.

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    17. But then something really bad happens again and you're like BITCHHHH YOU DIDIN'TTTT.

    18. Honestly, the only thing that's giving you hope and keeping your faith in humanity nowadays are like-minded people.

    19. You know it can be tiring and heartbreaking...

    20. But you won't stop fighting for the Philippines.

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