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23 Filipino Life Situations Hilariously Illustrated By Classical Art

Ain't no party like an ilustrado party.

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1. When you and your friends take the MRT during rush hour.

Twitter: @RobbedRod / BuzzFeed

2. And when you have no choice but to compromise.

3. When you're running late but bed is life.

Twitter: @RobbedRod / BuzzFeed

4. When you take the wrong turn en route to a party. / BuzzFeed

5. And when you partied way too hard.

6. Squad goals.

7. When your nanay asks you to run an errand.

8. When you catch bae na nakikipaglandian.

9. When somebody fucks with you and you're basically imploding. / BuzzFeed

10. When you literally don't give a damn anymore.

11. When you see your friends hanging out without you.

12. When reality hits you hard.

13. When you've been procrastinating the whole weekend and now you're paying for it.

14. When you're studying for a class you really don't give a shit about.

15. When you're not really generous but you also don't wanna lose friends.

PH Classical Art Memes / Via Facebook: phclassicalartmemes

16. When it's the end of the semester and you know you've been slacking.

17. When you get the most important role as a lookout. / BuzzFeed

18. When mass is over and you're ready to receive your blessings. / BuzzFeed

19. When you're malandi pero subtle lang.

20. When you find out your crush isn't single.

21. When you're trying to make a living but the patriarchy keeps on pissing you off. / BuzzFeed

22. When you see your ex with someone new.

PH Classical Art Memes / Via Facebook: phclassicalartmemes

23. When somebody puts the electric fan in front of you so you gotta take the opportunity.

Twitter: @iEagleInc / BuzzFeed

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