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31 Struggles You Only Get If You Grew Up With A Superstitious Lola

Basically you weren't allowed to practice hygiene at night.

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Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

1. When your friends plan a trip before graduation, but your Lola won't allow you because you might get into a accident. Or die.

2. When it's night time and you notice your nails are dirty and long, but you can't trim them because you might cut away the blessings.

3. And when you're about to sleep, but the floor in your room is dusty, but you can't sweep it for the same reason.

4. You're also afraid to comb your hair at night because Lola says it's bad luck.

5. Basically you can't practice hygiene during night time. Better be dirty than dead.

6. Speaking of hygiene, you were made to wash your face with water and your FIRST PERIOD BLOOD so you won't breakout.

7. No matter how cute they are, you've grown scared of black cats because their existence means something bad will happen.

Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

8. You were made to suffer the summer heat without a bath during Holy Week. Lagkit pa more.

9. And you've tried so hard to avoid getting injured on Good Friday because you were told it won't heal.

10. When you're just trying to be playful and silly so you make ugly faces, but your Lola scolds you because "baka mahipan ng hangin."

11. When you want to pinch a cute baby because you're gigil, but you can't because "baka mausog."

12. During New Year, your Lola made you open all the windows so good luck and smoke and dangerous fireworks can come in.

13. When people start clearing the table while you're still eating, you worry you won't find someone to spend your life with.

14. And you fight the urge not to sing while cooking dinner because you can't risk being single your whole life.

Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

15. No matter how sleepy you are, you can't sleep with wet hair because you were told you'll go blind.

16. Or crazy.

17. That is, if you were even allowed to take a bath at night. You lola said it can cause anemia.

18. Every mole in your body was given a meaning.

19. Like the mole on your foot means you're always itching to go out.

20. Or the mole on your back means you're lazy.

21. The mole on your shoulder means you will suffer many hardships in life.

22. And the mole on your palm means you like spending money, or even possibly that you're a thief.

Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

23. When you suffered from asthma, your Lola's idea of curing you is putting a cat near your throat and chest, but it only made your breathing even harder.

24. And when a fish bone got stuck in your throat, your Lola insisted a breech-born could make it go away.

25. But it didn't.

26. You were disappointed when, instead of a man, a woman came to visit when you CLEARLY dropped a fork.

27. And even more disappointed when nobody came to visit at all.

28. When you're taking a photo with two other friends and they put you in the middle, you get irrationally nervous even though you know nothing's gonna happen.

Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

29. You lose sleep over the thought of somebody being angry at you because you bit your tongue that day.

30. You never knew visiting a wake means you should follow a whole set of (strict) rules.

31. Like to not go straight home after the wake because the dead will follow you.

30. And to resist the urge to sneeze, because if you do, you're the one who will follow the dead.

31. And when you accidentally bring home candy from the wake, you worry it'll bring you bad luck.

Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

32. Some of your friends make fun of you for believing and following all these ridiculous superstitions.

33. And you beat yourself up for doing so.

34. But you still do anyway, because it's part of our culture.

35. And it wouldn't hurt anyone, right?

36. Except maybe for the hygiene-related ones.

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