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    25 Filipino Travel Bloggers Who'll Inspire Your Inner Wanderlust

    Awaken your wanderlust.

    1. Hannah Reyes of

    The 25-year-old documentary and travel photographer is currently residing in Phnom Penh, Cambodia but frequently travels to Manila to go back to her roots. She is represented by National Geographic Creative and has worked on different eye-opening documentaries in Cambodia, Manila, Northern Luzon, and Mongolia.

    In one of her travels in Pampanga, Kalinga, and Batanes, Hannah documented how Filipino indigenous cultures remain intact despite the country's slow transition to modernity.

    2. Aileen Adalid of

    At 21, Aileen quit her job to go out and travel the world. Of course, it wasn't that easy to just get up and leave the corporate world, but Aileen took five steps before finally deciding to be a full-time traveler. Two of which are figuring out if this is what she really wanted, and securing sufficient money to fund her life of travels.

    Now working from home (and away form home) as a digital nomad, she's been to 11 countries and counting.

    3. Kimi Juan of

    Kimi gives a new light to travelling the Philippines by documenting her life and adventures through faded photos.

    4. Gael Hilotin of The Pinay Solo Backpacker

    Gael has been to all 81 provinces in the Philippines and various countries in Asia. She posts practical tips for solo backpacking. For example, if you can't wait for the next seat sale, you can still save money by checking your airfare options per destination. Did you know that destinations with more airlines flying are cheaper than destinations with only one to two airlines?

    5. Gay Mitra-Emami of Pinay Travel Junkie

    A self-proclaimed mom-who-travels-too-much, Gay travels around the world with her adorable daughter. Aside from travelogues, she also talks about a wide range of travel-related topics—from travel insurance concerns, down to finding anti-malaria pills in the Philippines.

    6. DJ Yabis of Dream Eurotrip

    DJ started travelling Europe since 2009 and has been to more than 150 destinations since. In his blog, he offers help to people who'd like to make their European dreams a reality by having a handy Euro Trip Budget Calculator.

    7. Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos of The Poor Traveler

    This duo is proof that it doesn't matter if—like them—you're geographically challenged or too shy to travel, as long as you have the drive to see the world, then you're good to go.

    In one of their posts, Travel Tips for Full-time Employees, they hacked corporate life by showing readers how to spend their vacation leaves wisely by filing them around holidays and long weekends.

    8. Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap of Eazy Traveler

    Edgar is a travel journalist from Cebu who taps on people and stories that are usually left behind by mainstream tourism.

    In one of his recent travels, Edgar explored the underground cemetery in Nagcarlan, Laguna which was formerly used as a secret meeting place during the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish colonial rule.

    9. Christine Fernandez of Jovial Wanderer

    Christine seeks refuge from her job in an IT company by hiking, camping, and solo backpacking among many other adventures.

    10. Angel Juarez of Lakwatsero

    On weekdays, Angel is an information technology analyst, but on weekends (and holidays), he finds himself in different travel destinations—most of which are beaches, lighthouses, and waterfalls.

    11. Lisa Marie Mirasol of Pinay Travelista

    Although Lisa is a work-from-home-or-anywhere freelancer, she believes you don't need to quit your job in order to travel. Aside from her adventures, The Pinay Travelista also offers reviews of apps (Evernote is her favorite app for travel writers) and gears (she recommends ZEMGear 360 Ninja Split for barefoot trekking) that might be helpful for fellow adventurers.

    12. Ivan Henares of

    A Filipino heritage conservationalist, Ivan continues to preserve and promote the Filipino culture in and even outside of the country.

    13. Merz Marasigan of Pinoy Adventurista

    Merz provides travel tips from climbing to accommodations down to where to get the best food options in town. He knows where to get the best Kapampangan kakanin, or where to satisfy your Vietnamese food craving in Pampanga.

    14. Aleah Taboclaon of Solitary Wanderer

    Aleah's a solo traveler at a young age of 11. Quick tip from her blog: choose hostels over hotels and always go for the top bunk in a double decker bed. Thieves apparently always go for the lower bunk.

    15. Paula Peralejo-Fernandez of Paula The Explorer

    Paula is a part-time travel agency manager by day, and a full-time traveler the rest of the time. She's been traveling internationally and domestically since 2006 and is working on visiting all 81 provinces in the Philippines.

    16. Gem Muzones of Travels With A Hobo

    Gem travels with her boyfriend Beep (the hobo) and together, they make epic adventures any cheapskate would love. Also, #RelationshipGoals.

    Gem loved to travel even before she met Beep, but he showed her that traveling doesn't need to cost you an arm or leg—hence, the hobo nickname. In her recent travel to Coron, Palawan, she was able to score a guest house for only P400 a night!

    17. Jona Branzuela Bering of Backpacking With A Book

    Jona takes a very introverted activity—like reading books—into a different context by putting it inside a backpack and bringing it with her anywhere she goes.

    18. Ferdz Decena of Ironwulf

    Ferdz is an award-winning travel photographer which explains the breathtaking photos he puts up on his blog. His most recent adventure was to Palawan, home of the world's best beaches tbh.

    19. Carla A of Blissful Guro

    Carla is a music and arts teacher in a public school in Quezon City. On her blog, she says she's trying to change the world one kid at a time while trying to explore the world one happy place at a time.

    20. Kara Santos of Traveling-Up

    When Kara is not doing freelance work as a writer and photographer, she's probably off somewhere on her trusty motorcycle. Yup, she's a badass.

    Aside from travelogues, Kara also gives reviews of motorcycles suited for leisure drives and commute. Her most recent review is for the Kymco Agility 125, which she recommends for urban riders for their daily commute.

    21. Marvin Geronimo of No Barriers Just Horizons

    Marvin aims to document authentic, unexpected, and real stories while traveling on his motorcycle. He veers away from making his blog about himself, but instead about the people he meets in his travels.

    He is used to making friends with strangers he meet in his travels. In fact, on his recent trip to Polilio Island, he was asked by a resident to become a godfather to one of her sons.

    22. Lilliane of Wanderlass

    Lilliane just recently ended her epic trip around the world—25 countries, 5 continents, 425 days! Safe to say she's the queen of packing for travels. Her advice? Download the Packing Pro app on your phone, which is pretty ~paking~ amazing, if you ask me.

    23. Allan Barredo of Lantaw

    "Lantaw" means "view" in Hiligaynon, and that's exactly what Allan is trying to achieve in his blog—his own view of the places he's had the pleasure of visiting. With a camera in hand, Allan searches for perfect and unique angles of his subjects everywhere he goes.

    24. Trisha Velarmino of PS I'm On My Way

    Trisha was studying in Italy when she decided to travel the world. Her first ever adventure? Following Liverpool FC and Arsenal all around Asia for their football tour!

    25. Lois of We Are Sole Sisters

    We Are Sole Sisters is technically a bunch of women from all over the world who share the same love for travel. But its co-founder, Lois, was born and raised in the Philippines and managed to travel 9 countries in 6 months with a budget of less than P100,000 ($2,500USD).