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    21 Things Americans Will Never Understand About The Philippines

    Bababa ba? Bababa.

    1. Why we have a different concept of a middle name.

    2. Why we're not pressured to move out when we turn 18.

    3. Why this is an essential part of our daily lives.

    4. How the hell we get to drink alcohol without an ID.

    5. How pointing our lips doesn't mean we're asking for a kiss.

    6. How we manage to say certain words with a straight face.

    7. Why this just won't pass as a complete meal.

    8. And why this is more important than salt and pepper.

    9. Why a huge box excites the living shit out of us.

    10. Why this is the most heartbreaking news ever.

    11. Why we keep on asking this guy to write our thesis.

    12. The reason we hate and are still terrified of this woman.

    13. And the reason this guy got so mad.

    14. Why these girls gave us serious #SquadGoals.

    15. Why this kid is so popular.

    16. And how come almost everyone knows how much this brand of detergent costs.

    17. Why this brings back so many childhood memories.

    18. Why this comic strip makes sense.

    19. And why everyone knows what this means.

    20. Why this speaks to your soul on a very personal level.

    21. And why this is so funny.