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How Much Of A Twentysomething Tita Are You?

"Mga kabataan talaga ngayon..."

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  1. Check all that apply...

    1. You’re already tipsy after three bottles of Red Horse or Pale Pilsen.
    2. And you get a terrible hangover the next morning.
    3. You couldn’t be bothered with Snapchat.
    4. But mainly because you can’t figure out how to use it.
    5. 8PM pa lang, you’re already getting ready for bed.
    6. This gives you enough sleep so you can do yoga before work.
    7. You greet your friends by asking about their boyfriends and girlfriends.
    8. The only kind of shopping you get excited for is grocery shopping.
    9. Especially when it’s in SM.
    10. or Landmark
    11. or Rustan’s.
    12. And you spend more than half an hour in the tea section.
    13. You prefer to stay home during weekends because nakakapagod.
    14. But when you eventually go out, you make sure to include visiting the weekend market at Burgos Park in your agenda.
    15. And you always check out the potted herbs and succulents.
    16. And you almost always end up buying a bunch of them, juskolord.
    17. You always carry a huge bag.
    18. And it’s mostly filled with snacks.
    19. Like Growers peanuts.
    20. Or SkyFlakes.
    21. And siyempre, your pamaypay.
    22. And tissues, in case someone needs it.
    23. And band-aids, in case of emergency, ‘di ba?
    24. And Vicks.
    25. Or Whiteflower.
    26. When going out at night, you always make sure to bring a sweater.
    27. Or a shawl.
    28. You get annoyed by noisy kids playing in the kanto.
    29. Mainly because they disturb your afternoon nap.
    30. You always prefer to DIY things.
    31. Like body scrubs.
    32. Or your very own signature room spray.
    33. In fact, you’re thinking of putting up a business to sell them.
    34. When a friend asks, “Valk tonight?” you refuse because gusto mo na lang umuwi.
    35. And you actually don’t know what “Valk” is.
    36. Along with a bunch of other ~popular terminologies~
    37. Like “hopia”.
    38. Or “hugot”.
    39. Or “juts”.
    40. When your friends finally convince you to go out, you’re always the one to have to come home the earliest.
    41. Or stays sober.
    42. Nothing excites you more than buying a new pair of pajamas.
    43. Or window shopping for kitchenware.
    44. You try not to miss a 3-day sale at SM.
    45. And when you get hungry while strolling at the mall, you go straight to Mary Grace.
    46. And you order their ensaymada.
    47. You actually enjoy watching Mars on GMA News TV.
    48. And a whole lot of teleserye on ABS CBN.
    49. You know the lyrics to almost all of VST & Company’s songs.
    50. And Dancing Queen is always in your list of songs to sing on videoke.
    51. You always catch yourself saying, “mga kabataan talaga ngayon…”
    52. And you may or may not have called your friends “hijo” or “hija”.
    53. And you make sure they know you’re proud of them when they do something great.
    54. You find yourself stalking your younger cousins on Facebook to know what they’re up to.
    55. And when you find something juicy, you say to yourself, “nung ako nasa edad mo…”
    56. And then you look at their photos and say, “ang laki-laki na nya.”
    57. You know how to play mahjong.
    58. And you beat your very own titas on the game.
    59. You’ve been called “such a tita” more times than you can ever count.
    60. But you’re not really bothered by it.
    61. Because proud ka naman talaga to be a tita.
    62. And if they can’t accept that, then pakshet sila.

How Much Of A Twentysomething Tita Are You?

You're NOT A TITA AT ALL! You just enjoy *some* of the things they do. Don't worry 'teh, your youth is still intact. Valk later?

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You're KIND OF A TITA. You have your very own recipe of adobo your family enjoys, but you're still totally down for inuman sa may kanto with your barkada. A little more sips of tea, though, and you're there!

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You're REALLY A TITA. You wear Birkenstock types of sandals before it was cool and you'd rather be sipping wine over San Mig Pale Pilsen. Winner ka d'yan, 'teh!

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You're SOBRANG TITA! You're home by 8PM and already in your jammies by 9. Your friends come to you for your homemade ~byuti products~ or band-aids in your purse because their shoes are killing them, while you're happily walking in your flats or tsinelas.

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You're the ULTIMATE TITA! Swear, pamangkin na lang ang kulang sa 'yo. You have a huge stash of tea at home and you have a regular order at Mary Grace. Oh, and you live for Estrell's Caramel Cake. You do you, tita! Mahjong tayo later!

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