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15 Things Filipino Kids Had To Go Through During Lent

Doesn't matter if you're religious or not, you still couldn't eat meat.

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5. And you were forbidden from hanging out with your barkada during this time of ~penance~.

"@rap_fernandez: @GMAPariKoy @iamdongdantes @jcdgonz @shinedizontan @gabbyeigenmann Bawal Maglaro :) "

"Now is not the right time to have fun, anak."

6. Watching Senakulo, the play about the life and times of Jesus Christ, was a family tradition dating back to... probably the life and times of Jesus Christ.

7. At some point, you were asked to participate in Pabasa even if you have zero talent for singing whatsoever.

9. There was never any meat on the dining table, but there was always munggo on Good Friday.

"Maybe munggo will be our always."

10. Taking a bath on Good Friday was also not an option because Jesus is dead and also because logic.

11. And Black Saturday was dedicated to young boys and their rite of passage into manhood.

i.e. Circumcision.

12. And then you wondered why those young boys started wearing skirts all of a sudden???

Ang bagong tuli. Bow. HAHAHAHA! #bully


14. But once it was Easter Sunday and Jesus had risen etc., you could go out again, have fun, and also bathe.

Salubong 2014 is indeed magnificent. Maligayang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay. Jesus is Alive. Happy Easter Sunday :)

15. But most importantly, meat was back on the menu.

If Jesus rose again, then the return of adobo gave you life on Easter.