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    18 Things That Are Too Real If You Have A Chismosa In Your Life

    *sets wifi name to: MAMATAY NA MGA CHISMOSA*

    1. Chismosas feast on every little detail in your life.

    2. Whenever something new happens, you know that they'll be there, literally sprouting like mushrooms.

    3. Because they can smell the hottest chismis regardless of time and space.

    4. When you want to give them a message but you wanna be subtle about it:

    5. Like when they read your texts over your shoulder and you're, like, stop.

    Kung nararamdaman mong nakikibasa ng text yung katabi mo, bigla mong i-type: "ano salvage ko na ba 'tong katabi ko?" Ganyan bes..

    6. And when they still don't get it, you just know you gotta tell 'em straight to their faces.

    7. When you're talking to them and they mention a secret about you and you wonder how they know that:

    8. Or when you know they're making chismis about you but you're happy so wapakels:

    9. You know too well what they look like when they get caught.

    10. And you've eventually learned how to play along.

    11. You're pretty sure this is how they look like:

    12. And you know this is where they live:

    13. Sometimes, it gets too ridiculous that you're willing to bet they have special means para makasagap ng chismis.

    14. But not all of them are your enemies.

    15. Sometimes, mas chismosa pa ang friends mo than any other people.

    16. But for the most part, you'd appreciate if they would just shut the fuck up.

    17. And when that doesn't work, well, there are other measures.

    18. But no matter how annoying they are, you know you're a chismosa too when it's about someone you hate.

    Aminin mo na, bes.