17 Brilliant Artists To Follow When You're In A Creative Slump

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1. Valerie Chua

What she's known for: Ethereal and dreamlike watercolor illustrations of women alongside various elements of nature—typically flora and fauna. She also works with oil paint and holds basic to advanced watercolor workshops.

See more of her works here and here.

3. Cynthia Bauzon-Arre

What she's known for: Watercolor illustrations—usually of women in interesting environments—that plays with light and shadows. She's also a graphic designer and has collaborated with clients like Filipino bands Eraserheads and Itchyworms.

See more of her works here and here.

4. Margaret Morales

What she's known for: Her own watercolored versions of pop culture characters like Daenerys Taragaryen. Her works are relatively more colorful, but still maintain to be easy on the eyes.

See more of here works here and here.

5. Tof Zapanta

What he's known for: Skillful colored pencil illustrations of people—typically hands and faces—with natural elements. He's also adept at graphic design and is an art director for an advertising agency in the Philippines.

See more of his works here and here.

7. May Ann Licudine

What she's known for: Crazy-detailed mixed-media paintings of Asian women and Studio Ghibli-inspired artworks. Instead of the usual paper, she uses wood and hand-textured papers (which she makes herself) as a surface to paint on.

See more of her works here and here.

13. Raf Banzuela

What he's known for: Combining surrealism and realism in his highly-detailed artworks focusing on the human figure and nature. This causes his works to give that unsettling feeling (the good kind) towards the viewer. His medium is mostly graphite, but he also dabbles on acrylic and ink.

See more of his works here.

17. Vin Quilop

What he's known for: Photorealistic traditional and digital portraits of popular characters and personalities. He's more drawn to a classical style of painting apparent in his brush strokes and the way he renders light to his works.

See more of his works here and here.