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    21 Reasons Why Karen Davila Is Our Kween

    How 2 b u po, Kween Karen?

    1. When she wasn't about to take any shit from VP Binay during the presidential debates.

    2. When she asked Mayor Duterte what all of us are afraid to ask.

    3. And wasn't afraid to give him this reaction to his answer.

    4. And when she defended herself gracefully from Duterte supporters who called her biased.

    5. Like, mum, SLAYYYYYY.

    6. When she provided Pacquiao another option when he said same-sex marriage is "detestable in God's sight."

    7. When she asked VP candidate Bongbong Marcos about jeepney fares and his answers were far from reality.

    And she just couldn't contain her reaction.

    8. And of course, how could we ever forget her awkward interview with Alma Moreno?

    9. When she gave the best response on why she's not afraid to ask the hard questions.

    10. When she kept up with her tight schedule, proving she's nothing short of a superwoman.

    11. And still manages to squeeze in some me-time.

    12. When she worked out and still looked ~KWEEN~ af, like grabe ka, 'teh.

    13. When she reminded us that she's still human because she also gets eye bags and wrinkles.

    14. When she's also a supermom on top of everything that she is.

    15. When she took a photo with a fellow ~KWEEN~, Nadine Lustre.

    16. And when she took this GRUNGE mirror selfie because why the hell not.

    17. When her sense of humor was on point.

    18. And when she's always game to have fun while at work.

    19. When she was Esquire's muse for May 2015 and damn she was FOINE πŸ‘ AS πŸ‘ FUCK πŸ‘.


    21. SLAY, MUM. S L A Y.

    IKAW NA, BEH. <3 Thank you for everything that you do, Kween Karen!