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    31 Products From Walmart That’ll Help Upgrade Your Home Without Much Effort At All

    A big yes please to grand interior designs that take little to no work.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A rustic wall-mounted floating shelf to hang your favorite books, decor pieces, or knick knacks you simply cannot live without.

    two wooden shelves on black metal brackets on a wall

    2. An antique-inspired full-length mirror, because full-length mirrors are necessary when planning out our looks in the morning. Plus, this'll be a great prop for any outfit of the day selfie you choose to post to your feed.

    A full-length mirror resting on the floor. The mirror's frame is white and brown wood

    3. A Mainstays end table to add some pizzazz to your reading corner. This end table is large enough to hold your reading necessities, without ever taking up too much space in your room.

    an end table with a white surface and gold legs in a room

    4. A globe lamp so that you can add light to the dark areas in the room, while upping the ante on the design of your bedroom with stellar decor.

    a white orb lamp with a brass cylindrical base

    5. A decorative throw pillow, because, really, can there ever be too many pillows in a bedroom?!

    a mustard throw pillow at the edge of a couch

    6. A bamboo floor pouf to provide a comfortable seat in your bedroom, or the perfect foot rest as you are reading a book.

    a woven bamboo pouf sitting at the base of a couch

    7. A cotton jacquard duvet cover set that'll prove that you can have things that are both cute and functional. This duvet cover will protect your duvet from any accidental spills, while immediately boosting the ambience in your room with its design.

    a white cotton duvet cover set with two pillow. on the set there is a geometric polka dot design

    8. A faux sheepskin area rug, because there is nothing worse than bare feet hitting a cold floor first thing in the morning. Save yourself from that experience, while amping up the design in your bedroom with this area rug.

    A white faux sheepskin area rug in front of a reading chair

    9. An Umbra two-tiered jewelry tray to hold all the jewelry, hair accessories, and tiny lip balms that are currently lounging on your bedside table.

    a two-tiered gold jewelry dish holding jewelry and glasses

    10. A Better Homes & Gardens ceramic planter, because why not add some plants into your bedroom? This will hold your favorite plant babies, while looking extra chic by your bedside set up.

    a ceramic planter with white and grey designs with a grey base on a wooden stand

    11. A hanging shoe organizer for storing those pairs of shoes that don't make it in your daily rotation. Although this isn't necessarily a piece that will spruce up your room, per se, it will help you organize the clutter of shoes that may be causing an eyesore right now. Pro tip: Use the leftover slots to store things like hair scrunchies or shoe care accessories.

    The hanging shoe organizer

    12. A Better Homes and Gardens dresser, because the best way to store things in small spaces is vertically. If you find that your bedroom is on the smaller side, opt for a tall dresser that gives you all the storage you need, while not taking up too much space in your bedroom.

    a rustic wooden tall dresser with five drawers, with decor resting on top of it

    13. A set of sheer curtains for allowing the sunlight to open up any room in your space.

    The white sheer curtains

    14. A Foreside Home & Garden hanging planter to add nice touches of greenery to your place, without taking up any space on your dresser.

    The round metal hanging planter

    15. A bedside lamp with a USB charging port for charging your phone or e-reader. This lamp is great for adding to your home office, too.

    a lamp with a brushed nickel base and a white lampshade on a bedside table. there is a charging port at the base of the lamp

    16. A Better Homes & Gardens pillow lounge chair so that you can have the mid-century modern reading nook of your dreams while still having enough funds left over for all the books you'll be buying.

    a brown leather pillow chair with black legs

    17. A Better Homes & Gardens tuft floor cushion that'll instantly add some pizzazz to an empty corner in your room. This cushion is great for meditation sessions or for simply lounging.

    a mustard yellow tuft floor pillow on a floor

    18. A Serta Easton convertible futon couch to give your living room a mid-century modern upgrade, while acting as a daybed to lounge on during lazy Saturday afternoons.

    a grey upholstered futon couch in a living room

    19. A wooden bathroom shelf that'll instantly up the ante on your bathroom's look while giving you a discreet place to hide everyday items like skincare, extra candles, or whatever else is lounging on your sink right now.

    a white bathroom cabinet with two doors and one shelf hung on a wall

    20. A set of natural seagrass and rope baskets for a chic storage solution to all those magazines or blankets you have lying around the house.

    two storage blankets made of tan and black rope and seagrass with two handles holding books

    21. A wall light so that you can set a mood of tranquility while you read a book in bed.

    A wall light hung on a wall next to a painting and over a couch

    22. A Better Homes & Gardens shower curtain, because there is no reason your daily ablutions should not be a ritual. And what better place to have a ritual than in one that has a design this chic and cozy?!

    an ivory bath curtain with black stitched details and black tassels

    23. An LED color-changing salt lamp to liven up your WFH space without breaking the bank.

    A white salt lamp with a wooden base on a table

    24. A Mainstays tripod floor lamp, because adding light to a dark corner is one of the easiest ways to add space to a home. Plus, this lamp is under $30, meaning you'll have space in your *budget* for other decor pieces, too.

    a black metal tripod lamp with a white lampshade in a corner

    25. A two-piece bathroom accessory set so that you can have a space for all your cotton swabs and cosmetics that looks tidy and stylish.

    A grey tray holding cosmetics and a great jar with lid

    26. A sleek kitchen cart, because finding extra storage (that looks oh so cute) for bags of rice, coffee, and beans shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. This cart also stores extra plates and glasses, too.

    a black kitchen cart on wheels with shelves, wine holders, and a drawer

    27. A pack of thermal insulated curtains for those of you with a bed currently stationed near a window. These curtains are great for keeping the heat in, while keeping the cold, and most light, out during the winter time.

    a pair of white curtains hanging in front of a window in a bedroom

    28. And an Otto & Ben lift-off storage ottoman, because sprucing up your bedroom means adding in marvelous decor that can function as storage for all your extra blankets, pillows, or even larger items, like backpacks.

    29. A Mainstays open shelf nightstand for those of you who want to display all your favorite books while simultaneously adding an edgy piece to your sanctuary.

    a black open shelf night stand with books and boxes on its two shelves, and a lamp and plant on its top

    30. A triple laundry sorter, because who says we can't organize our dirty laundry? This'll help you immediately sort your lights from your darks and from your delicates, saving you from sorting on laundry day.

    a laundry basket on wheels with three white fabric compartments supported by a chrome frame

    31. And a Manor Park television stand that'll not only be your new home for your TV, but also for your books, candles, or other living room essentials you'd rather store away out of sight and out of mind.

    a light beige tv stand with two barn doors, two shelves for storage, with a TV sitting on top

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