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    28 Things From Amazon That’ll Make Life A Little Easier For Both You And Your Cat

    Let these selections help you help your furbaby.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Catit flower water fountain for your cat who seems to only want to drink out of a running faucet. Turns out, some cats prefer running water as opposed to still water in a bowl; so yes, they are sometimes that picky.

    an orange cat looking at a green and white water fountain

    2. A self-groomer cat toy, because there are times when you are not available to give your cat those cute little cheek scratches. This grooming toy will hold them over in the meantime.

    cat scratching its jowl on a grey and white self-groomer toy, which is adhered to a corner

    3. A Temptations hairball control cat treat so that your long-haired feline friend (and you) can finally have some sweet relief from what seems like a lifetime of hairballs.

    three cats staring at a bag of treats on the floor

    4. An airtight pet food storage container that'll completely eliminate all bags of dry food from your life. Plus, the airtight container will keep your cat's food fresh until the last kibble, meaning your cat will thank you for the fresh bites of food each and every mealtime.

    Reviewer's cat sniffing the large containers

    5. A Feline Greenies Pill Pocket treat, because giving medication to a cat is hard work. Simply stuff your cat's pill into this treat's pocket, close the treat with your finger tips, and watch them enjoy their "snack" 'til the last bite.

    a greenie treat next to two pills and a coin for size

    6. A self-cleaning brush so that you can minimize the amount of hairballs your cat has to deal with, while *also* minimizing the amount of cleanup you have to do after grooming your cat.

    7. A wall-mounted scratch pad that'll save your couch from those stretchy scratches while giving your cat a great surface for some claw-grooming.

     white cat with a grey spot on its back scratching an oval shaped scratch pad that is mounted to a wall

    8. A wall-mounted cat stairway, because cats are mischievous, and will climb onto any high surface, anyway. May as well give them a little boost with this device, which also acts as a scratch pad.

    a black and grey striped cat climbing on a wall-mounted set of stairs that has four steps and a scratch pad on each step

    9. A cat-scratch deterrent spray to protect your new rug or ottoman from cat scratches. This spray smells pleasant to humans yet foul to felines, meaning that your cat will not go near any surface you choose to spray.

    a clear bottle with a black and white label that reads 'stop the scratch'

    10. A litter mat so that both your cat's paws and your hardwood floors are free from litter. This mat is a great choice because cleanup is simple — spray it down with a hose and you are good to go.

    A black litter mat with a honeycomb weave in front of a litter box

    11. A litter box liner, because cats prefer fresh litter when they go about their business. A litter box liner is ideal for this because it gets rid of old litter in one go that's mess- and hassle-free.

    12. An Angry Orange pet odor-eliminating spray to hide any mistakes that your cat might have made.

     a person holding an orange spray bottle with a black nozzle

    13. An pet feeder that automatically fills the bowl when your cat's food is running low. This is great for busy feline parents, or for hungry cats who always seem to meow next to the cupboard that holds their food.

    A beige cat with grey spots sitting in front of a white and black automatic dry food feeder

    14. A super cozy cat bed for your kitty who loves to hide in all the tight corners of your home. They'll sleep well in this plush cave, and you'll sleep well knowing that this bed's insulation is keeping them warm throughout the night.

    calico cat sitting inside of a beige cat cave/bed with a toy pom pom handing from the center of the cave

    15. A pair of nail clippers that'll help you keep your cat's claws at a length that won't do too much damage to any of the drapes hanging in your home.

    A person holding a pair of green nail clippers for cats

    16. A squeezable treat, because there is nothing cuter than watching your hangry cat eat a snack from a squeeze tube. Trust me, I would know — I give my two cats this treat every single afternoon.

    A person feeding their cat a squeezable treat

    17. A bag of World's Best Cat Litter that's kind on their paws, and kind to the planet, too. This litter is septic-safe and clumps well, meaning that cleanup is a breeze.

    A litter box filled with yellow corn-based litter

    18. A cat tree tower with a hammock that will quickly become the main station of many cat naps. I have this cat tree, and the scratch posts on this bad boy continue to save other parts of my home from claw damage.

    a white and a black cat sitting in the hammock of a cat tree that has two scratch posts and two pom poms

    19. A cat harness and leash so that your indoor cat can enjoy the great outdoors without straying too far.

    A black and white cat sitting in a field of grass, wearing a turquoise harness and leash

    20. A cat roller toy that'll keep your kitty busy while you continue to crush your Zoom meetings.

    A black kitten sitting on a table, playing with a three-tiered ball roller toy

    21. A cable-knit turtleneck sweater, because cats get cold, too! Consider this sweater if you have a Sphynx cat or a cat who needs to be shaved often.

    Reviewer's Sphynx cat in a blue knit sweater

    22. A no-rinse waterless dry shampoo to save you from the grueling process of giving your cat a real bath. This is great for the cool cat in your life who often finds themselves in one too many muddy adventures while outside.

    23. A Frontline Plus flea and tick treatment, because fleas and ticks are the bane of any indoor/outdoor cat owner's existence. This topical treatment comes packaged in individual applicators, speeding up the process of administering medication to a cat who might not want to sit still.

    A green and white box of flea and tick treatment with an orange cat on it

    24. A rainbow charmer toy so that you can give your cat a string to play with that isn't your shoelace.

    cat playing with a rainbow string

    25. A daily probiotic for the cat in your life who seems to deal with upset stomachs quite often. This probiotic comes in a powder, making it simple to hide into your cat's wet food.

    a black cat lounging in a kitchen with a probiotic on the floor in front of them

    26. A water additive, because dental hygiene is as important for cats as it is for us humans. Simply add a capful to your cat's water bowl and relish in the fact that you are promoting their gum health while giving them fresh breath.

    a white and green bottle that reads 'water additive' in front of two pusheen bowls, full of water and kibble

    27. A pack of foam toy balls that'll please both you and your cat, and here's why: while your cat will have a *ball* playing with these toys, you won't hear a peep from them, as there are no bells, whistles, or other noise contraptions included in this toy.

    a Siamese kitten sleeping while cuddling a foam rainbow ball

    28. An automatic laser pointer for when you are too tied up with your chores to play with your cat. This laser pointer charges with a USB cord, and has two speeds, meaning that the fun will never be boring and will last for hours.

    a fluffy white cat staring at a laser on the floor

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