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    20 Things On Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts

    For those who are back to school, back to work, or just back.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A copy of Let's Get Fizzical if you and your best friend can't stop talking about that one time you took an "intro to mixology" class (read: you didn't actually go to a class — you just asked a bartender lots of questions during a night out together). This recipe book is PERFECT for cocktail-making newbies — it offers over 50 recipes of bubbly cocktails plus new renditions of classics. It even goes over spirit terminology to learn words like brut, sec, spumante, and even frizzante. Buy two copies for you and your pal and you'll be pros in no time.

    a reviewer's copy of the book open to a recipe

    2. A 13-in-1 Instant Pot, because if your food-loving giftee thinks that their current pressure cooker can do it all, they'll be FLOORED when they meet the final boss in the pressure cooker world: the Instant Pot Duo Crisp. This isn't just the average pressure cooker you'd use to make quick stews or yogurt: this bad boy also AIR FRIES FOODS, stews, sautees, sous vides, dehydrates, and ~more.~ How else would your bestie fit all these kitchen appliances in their new, tiny city apartment? You really are such a thoughtful friend (who is about to get invited over for dinner a lot).

    3. A reversible waterproof desk mat to really take your mate's WFH station up a notch! If your giftee is the type of person who has three drinks going at all times (tap water, flavored seltzer, and tea that went cold two hours ago), then this is the mat of their dreams. It is huge, and it's mouse-compatible, meaning it can replace both their current mouse pad AND their coasters.

    Reviewer pic of the rectangle desk mat in blue with laptop, coffee, mouse and pen on it

    4. A set of reusable dispenser bottles if your S.O. is always chasing an aesthetic, even in the bathroom. These bottles are labeled with their respective shower product type, meaning that your boo can have fun transforming that shelf in your master bathroom that's full of miscellaneous bottles into something out of a hotel ensuite.

    a reviewer photo of the bottles mounted onto a shower wall

    5. A journal to take your roommate's BUJO aesthetic up a notch! This paper is dotted and bleed-proof, meaning that they can plan out their daily tasks and yearly goals on one side of a page, only to turn the page and begin drawing with permanent markers or watercolors without having to worry about anything bleeding through! How cool is that?!

    6. A Yonanas fruit soft-serve maker, because even though your friend already has a juicer and an ice cream machine, this combines those products into one. Introducing a fruit soft-serve maker, which processes frozen pieces of fruit into a mouth-watering creamy dessert.

    7. A sleek 3-in-1 wireless charger, because everyone has that one friend whose phone battery life is always in the single-digit zone. This will help your buddy make sure that their devices are actually fully charged for once.

    the charger in white charging a phone, smartwatch, and wireless headphones

    8. A retro-style Polaroid camera that brings the iconic camera into 2022. This new camera iteration has an autofocus that still offers that hazy, covetable look only a Polaroid can create...but not so hazy that you can't make out your images. It's an analog point-and-shoot camera perfect for the people you know who are just getting into photography.

    9. An Olaplex hair perfector treatment that people LOVE for rebuilding broken bonds in their chemically- or color-treated hair. This product contains Olaplex's proprietary bond-building technology to seal frayed hairs while sitting at a low enough pH (3.5-5) to help restore the hair after bleaching (bleach has a pretty high pH, so a low pH like the one in this treatment brings balance back to damaged hair). Get this for your friend who loves a luxurious treatment during their Sunday spa routine.

    a reviewer with Olaplex in their hair

    10. Or a six-outlet wall charger with a nightlight function, if your giftee would rather go the traditional wired route to charge their appliances. Either way, the options are so cute.

    11. A heated eye massager so good, you'll probably want to gift this to yourself, too. OK, an eye massager might sound scary, but hear me out: this nifty device massages the area around the eyes, like the brow bone, the temples, and the sinuses. It also has Bluetooth capabilities to play soothing sounds during your massage sesh, which is pretty much the pinnacle of relaxation. Give it to your coworker who you know could use some extra help kicking back.

    a reviewer wearing the pink mask

    12. A pack of gold spoons, because no coffee setup is complete without the right accessories. These spoons are the perfect size for stirring sugar into coffee or tea, and look aesthetically pleasing with their circular shape and golden color! They're perf for your friend who needs everything to be super cute (even their 7 a.m. coffee).

    13. A macrame swing to bring a dreamy and playful vibe to your best friend's reading nook. (This swing also makes answering emails sooo much more enjoyable!)

    14. A 4-in-1 spiralizer that's...automatic! You can give your keto-loving friend's hands a rest from manually churning out zoodles each week — all they'll have to do is attach their veggies to this machine, flip a switch, and watch the noodles, ribbons, and 'fettuccini' appear before their eyes.

    15. A set of Teleties coiled hair ties proves that no matter how thick or curly your sibling's hair is, they too can have a cute hair tie that doesn't create dents or tangles.

    16. A set of three rainbow push popper fidget toys that is essentially a cooler version of bubble wrap (as if bubble wrap could get any cooler!). This type of toy is all the rage with kids these days but also works well as a stress ball replacement for your WFH mate!

    the three fidget toys in a rainbow design

    17. A "Funky Veg Kit" because the secret to cooking a great meal is by cooking with as many colors as possible! This kit will help your foodie friend grow all types of colorful carrots, chard, and Brussels sprouts right in the comfort of their home.

    18. A nostalgic fuse bead craft set that'll make anyone's heart smile — not just those under the age of 11! This set contains plastic beads that your giftee can arrange into whichever design they'd like to create, and then, with the help of some adult supervision, iron the designs, fusing them forever! I used to play with these beads all. the. time. as a child and, trust me, I'd still be thrilled if I were given this gift today.

    19. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite for the bookworm you know who is always lugging at least three novels with them every time they travel. This'll let them *literally* bring their entire library with them wherever, while weighing less than a single hardcover book. Sounds like a bibliophile's dream if you ask me.

    reviewer's photo of the kindle paperwhite

    20. And a pair of exfoliating mitts if your S.O. can't stop watching pimple popper videos. This helps them to slough off dead skin waaaay better than a traditional loofah (I say this from personal experience), and can help them brighten uneven tones, buff away keratosis pilaris, and kick dry skin to the curb.

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