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    20 Things On Amazon That Outdoor Cat-Owners Swear By

    For the kitties who enjoy roaming the great outdoors.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A cat harness and leash so that you can finally let your feline enjoy the great outdoors. FYI, harnesses reign supreme over collars because they don't tug on your kitty's delicate neck!

    a cat wearing a blue harness and leash sitting on a tree

    Promising review: "Love this harness from all the others I had for my kitty. I was worried it would be to big for him but it adjust very well and he seems to like it because he still climbs the trees during out hikes. I love how it will still fit him when he gets big. For sure will recommend this for any pet if needed. I don’t feel like he would escape from this one like I feel with the others." –Danielle

    Price: $14.98 (available in two sizes and eight colors)

    2. A pack of Burt's Bees dander-reducing wipes for the cool cats who really don't like taking baths. These wipes are great for wiping dusty paws and clearing off any debris from the outside world, while still maintaining the health of your cat's fur.

    an orange cat sitting next to a yellow pack of dander reducing wipes

    Promising review: "These have became very helpful for my outdoor/indoor cats. Thicker material than most cat wipes I have purchased in past, which is a plus." β€”SHE MCKOWN

    Price: $5.83 (Subsribe & Save for $5.54/month; available in four sizes)

    3. A flea treatment, because fleas are the bane of any indoor/outdoor cat owner's existence. This topical treatment comes packaged in individual applicators, speeding up the process of administering medication to a cat who might not want to sit still., Amazon

    Promising review: "We have a cat that has had skin problems for years. Excessive grooming and scratching, hair loss, bumpy bare patches of skin, vomiting up his food, etc. It turns out he is allergic to fleas, one bite and his skin goes bananas! Being an indoor/outdoor cat we need something that really works." β€”Robert P. Jones Jr.

    Price: $69.99 (Subscribe & Save for $66.49/month)

    4. A daily probiotic for the cat in your life who seems to deal with bowel issues quite often. Plus, who knows what they're munching on while out on the prowl? This probiotic will help to support your cat's gut, just in case they eat anything that might give them an upset belly. Plus, it comes in a powder, making it simple to hide in your cat's wet food.

    a black cat lounging in a kitchen with a probiotic on the floor in front of them

    Promising review: "We have a semi-feral little female who's been with us for some 4 years now. She spends most of her time outdoors in our backyard β€” we have a large piece of land with good roaming area. She comes in at night and sleeps on our bed until the early morning when she lets us know she wants to go out. A while back she became listless and without pep which concerned us as she is getting up there in age, so we give her a dose of your probiotic too. Voila, she's her old sparkling self once again." β€”Clarence De Barrows

    Price: $32.95 (Subscribe & Save for $29.66/month)

    5. A wound and skincare spray, because cats get nicks from time to time, especially when going on day-long excursions in the woods. Consider this the cat version of that one salve you rub onto your own cuts to help them heal quicker.

    Promising review: "My cat is a Maine Coon and he's very fluffy. For about two weeks he's been having some skin issues and flakes. After it rained, I've noticed his back was bleeding. I have tried ointments and nothing works until I came across this. No lie... I sprayed him three times yesterday and pat it down with paper towels, now he is completely healed. A great spray for your pet's skin, seriously!" –K Sauce

    Price: $14.24+ (available in three sizes)

    6. A pair of bite-proof grooming gloves to avoid the inevitable scratches from trying to handle your loving feral cat. It's not their fault β€” they're just not used to human interaction! These gloves are 16 inches long, meaning that your precious forearms will remain protected.

    A bobcat sitting behind a pair of grey gloves with red stitching

    Promising review: "I needed to catch a feral mama and her kittens for TNR, before there were even more kittens. These gloves held up perfectly against a feral mama cat." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $22.99 (available in two lengths)

    7. A bottle of cat ear solution, because nobody likes an ear infection, and cats especially don't like it when humans clean their ear infections. These wipes are gentle, alcohol-free, and contain aloe vera to help soothe your cat's aching ears.

    Promising review: "I have had a stray cat for almost three weeks now. I took him to a Vetco bus to get his vaccines. The vet told me that he has ear mites and needs to go to the vet clinic for ear drop prescription. That would be another little fortune. I checked Amazon, read reviews and gave these drops a shot. After only three days I saw a significant difference. His ears cleared really fast, the dark goop started to dissolve and I realized that he wasn't scratching his ears as much. After one week there is almost no goop to see. I am very happy, saved a lot, cat is also happy!!!" β€”gΓΌlser akbas

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99.

    8. A bottle of feline skin and itch drops, since humans aren't the only ones who have outdoor allergies during the spring! Allow these drops to help your kitties deal with their allergy symptoms. It'll provide them with sweet relief from all the scratching they've been doing.

    Promising review: "We have an outdoor cat who was suffering from constant hair loss and itching. She would itch and lick parts of her back till they were raw/bloody. We changed food because we thought maybe she had mange β€” but, she would not let me put mange medicine on her as she is not terribly tame. So I ran across this. Within a week, her hair looked 1000% better, not so much licking of areas. Simply put drops on her dry or wet food, and no issues, she chows it down. This could be the best $6 I have spent on Amazon! Try it, it works!!!" β€”Actual Realist

    Price: $4.98

    9. A cozy pet tent, because no matter how many blanket fortresses you make, your cat can always use a little extra cozy heat. This tent is perfect for keeping the warmth in for all their cat naps.

    a grey striped cat inside a brown plush pet tent

    Promising review: "I put this on our unheated enclosed deck, and within a few minutes, one of our cats was in it making bread and purring. It gives them a sheltered place, being outdoors, but warm like indoors. The downside is, they want to go out there and I have to coax them to spend time with me. I know that they are not in a draft now, and they can watch the birds and still be warm." β€”60 gram

    Price: $22.99+ (available in three sizes and nine colors)

    10. A warming cat bed to provide your cat with a comfortable place to lounge. This bed is perfect for those with cats who only sleep in the places most inconvenient to you, like right on your pillow.

    Reviewer's cat lounging on the circular fleece-lined pet bed

    Promising review: "Got this for a feral cat who lives in my garage. She is very picky about going in a 'closed in' bed and likes to have openings for escape routes. But she needs something warmer for the winter because she is getting pretty old. This is just the ticket! It usually takes our kitty a few days to warm up to something new, and sometimes, beds really freak her out, but she was in this as soon as I put it down. The lining is very soft, and she is a fairly small cat so it conforms right around her." β€”Clark

    Price: $19.73

    11. A plush purring pillow for cats who need to feel like they're cuddling something at all times. This toy is perfect for comforting the feral kitties living in your yard.

    Promising review: "We foster kittens and their moms. It did its job. This has worked on two of our three families of kittens. The kittens could focus on this and play. Even the moms liked it initially." β€”Spud's Place

    Price: $11.99

    12. An automatic feeder that has trays and an ice chiller inside to make sure that your outdoor cat's food stays fresh. What's the most important part, you may ask? The trays in this device rotate per serving, exposing each serving throughout the day. It ensures that your cats are not overeating.

    a cat eating out of an automatic feeder

    Promising review: "Perfect when we are gone for a day or two to feed our outdoor cats. I give them one wet food and fill the other compartments with dry food. I use the ice pack which is good for about eight hours so their first feeding is the wet food, followed by the dry food. When we come back home the trays are close to empty so I know they're eating and well-fed." β€”John M. Hoenecke

    Price: $47.69

    13. A customizable pet ID tag, because unfortunately, a lost kitten cannot tap their red heels together and say there's no place like home to return to your garden. This will let anyone know who to contact if they find your cat who has wandered off.

    a cat wearing a bowtie shaped cat ID tag

    Promising review: "Excellent pet collar tag! Got it for my cat who is about 50% outdoor, so a good ID tag (along with his microchip) is critical to getting him back if he gets lost, arrested by the pet police, or decides somebody else offers better food. This tag is about a quarter size (maybe a bit less), but has plenty of room for ID info, especially because the engraving process creates very sharp characters that can be fairly small and still very readable." β€”Dave

    Price: $7.95 (available in nine designs and in two sizes)

    14. And a collar to attach your cat's tag to. This crescent-design is perfect for the kitties in your life who are as adventurous and independent as Luna from Sailor Moon. Plus, this collar has a bell, meaning you'll hear when your feline friend is close by.

    an orange cat wearing a red collar with moons on it and a bell and cresent moon charm

    Promising review: "This collar is so cute, I highly recommend it! My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat and we have had the collar for a couple of months now. So far, it is still in place and has not gotten as dirty as her previous one. Overall, I think it is a durable collar and the charm that comes with it is adorable. Just try it out, who knows maybe your kitty will like it too!" β€”Love Lea

    Price: $8.99 (available in nine colors)

    15. An outdoor cat house if you have feral cats by your home who seem to be opening up to you. If they can't come inside, why not provide them with some shelter from the inclement weather?

    a cat resting inside an outdoor cat house that is resting on a porch

    Promising review: "Perfect for the little stray who has been coming around. I was worried that he wouldn't go in since he is extremely skittish but after two days of putting a food bowl inside he has now been sleeping in there several hours each night. I positioned one of our security cameras to monitor it and am so happy to see him using it." β€”Rachelle C.

    Price: $79.99

    16. A fluffy heating pad to put into any outdoor home to ensure that your cat is always resting on something warm and cozy.

    a cat resting on a heating pad by a window

    Promising review: "I purchased this because it came highly recommended from a friend. She put it in the outside cat house in preparation for cold weather, and her outdoor kitty loved it. I purchased it to find out for myself. It's a HUGE win! Wow! It's a perfect size, keeps the kitties warm, and is easy to wash (definitely a plus for outdoor cats). Love, love, love. I purchased a couple since it was such a winner. I just might order a few more before winter hits." β€”Lily G.

    Price: $9.99 (available in six colors)

    17. An ant-resistant food bowl, because you work hard to feed your cats β€” you don't need ants stealing their food!

    a yellow and blue ant-resistant food bowl

    Promising review: "We have an outdoor cat. We live in California, so the weather is quite temperate AND my husband built him a kitty condo equipped with fleece bedding. Anyhow.... we live on a hillside and ants are always going to be an issue. We tried many products and they all failed. This little bowl, though pricey, is really super-duper. Ants have not figured out how to get to the cat food even after a year of use. It's also very easy to clean. We'd purchase this again and again." β€”California Mom

    Price: $22.56 (available in two colors)

    18. A portable play pen for indoor cats who are transitioning into an outdoor lifestyle, but aren't quite there yet. This playpen is perfect, as your cat will still be able to enjoy the breeze of the outdoors, while slowly acclimating to its new environment.

    a cat resting in a portable play pen

    Promising review: "We’re full time RVer’s and this works perfect for our cat to safely enjoy the outdoors. We used to put her in a canvas carrier but it really limited her movement and ability to see out. She absolutely loves this thing." β€”R O'D

    Price: $69.99 (available in three colors and in three sizes)

    19. An Oxyfresh water additive to help you care for your cat's teeth. Dental care has never been simpler: just add a capful of this to your cat's water, and they will have fresh breath and healthy gums in no time.

    a white bottle that reads water additive in front if two cat bowls

    Promising review: "We have two cats, about 3 years old, who were feral when we adopted them two years ago. They are now wonderful pets, but from the beginning have had terrible breath. Finally I found Oxyfresh on Amazon, decided there wasn't much to lose and purchased a bottle. The bad breath has improved noticeably for both cats!" β€”Aunt Nancy
    Price: $15.45

    20. And a Hertzko self-cleaning brush with retractable teeth to make cleanup after a good brushing experience so easy, you'll wish you had purchased it sooner.

    A white and grey cat sitting next to a huge ball of fur

    Promising review: "We live on a farm and many people 'drop' their cats/kittens out here so we do our best to keep them healthy β€” we take them to our vet to get their annual shots, etc. We never asked for it, but I am an animal lover. Recently we had kittens in our horse barn. They have become "babies" and all are wonderful cats. The one we named SnowBall finds the groomer brush and meows when she wants to be groomed! Lots of hair and the comb is so gentle and easy to clean - RECOMMEND IT HIGHLY!" β€”Ila J.

    Price: $15.99

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

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